December 28, 2012

Hero Week Day 3: Higher purpose.

Chad Jukes high on Lobuche at about 19,000 feet. Photo by Didrik Johnck.

Andrew Sullens, Nicollette Maurolis, and Chad Jukes were all injured as they served in Iraq/Afghanistan. They were part of a group of vets who climbed the Grand Teton on Sept. 11, 2012. Read an excellent summary here. They top the Honor Roll today and represent all vets who listened to the high call of military service, and through their injuries return with an even higher purpose.

 Sullens summarized why they climb:

“Getting into the mountains and climbing … grants a really remarkable sense of self dependence. The ability to experience that again really puts someone on a path to wholeness and self-fulfillment. It can really change lives.”

“If I can show people they don’t have to accept defeat or compromise, if people can realize that, they’ll be surprised by what they can achieve in their life.”

Jukes and Maurolis are also featured in the movie “High Ground.”

Also related is Higher Ground Sun Valley.

Take the high ground for these 3 focused, motivated veterans during your 30 minute AMRAP.

30 min AMRAP
5 DL, 13 Pushups, 9 Box Jumps


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