December 26, 2015

Hero Week Day 1 – Honoring Children with Type 1 Diabetes

Hero Week Day 1. Honoring children with Type 1 Diabetes. Thank you to Eric and Noah Schippers and pro cyclist Ryan DeWald for speaking to a huge group this morning. Their messages were this…

2 years ago, Noah Schippers, son of Kathleen and Eric Schippers, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (or T1D, formerly known as Juvenile Diabetes). This autoimmune disease is an insidious disease wherein your body attacks your own pancreas. Many probably are not too aware of the function of the pancreas, but it produces insulin that carries fuel from the foods you eat into your bloodstream. There is a fine balance in testing your blood that needs to be done multiple times in a day to maintain the sugars in your body….to make sure they don’t get too low that you crash, nor too high that you crash. Type 1 diabetes never goes into remission, it doesn’t take a break….it is daily monitoring and awareness of your bodies levels….failure to do so, and failure to control your sugar levels can make this a life-threatening disease. But as pro-cyclist Ryan DeWald says, it’s about using the technology available to monitor yourself and “fine tune your system” to overcome the hurdles of T1B.

Today, with a mile of Becks Burpees, KB swings, pull-ups and much more, we celebrate those overcoming T1D, and we appreciate all that WE have….WE GET TO!

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