June 26, 2015

Hero Week


For newbie CFers, here’s a little background on Hero Week:

It started in winter 2007 when a group of about 7 CFers decided to honor a few young men and women who hadn’t made it back from fighting for our country overseas.  Murph was one, and all told the first time around we honored 7 men and women who we never met but were eternally grateful for their sacrifices.  They gave their lives so we could live on – we’re here, they’re not.  We could at least suffer for an hour at a time in their honor.

So PLEASE, honor the men and women by giving everything you have every day this week.  Yes, you’re sore.  Yes, it’s a great workout.  But that’s not all.  You GET TO do this workout because you’re here.  Think about that for a minute.  Think about how quickly everything can change.  All it takes is one phone call or a knock at the door to turn your world upside down, and the loved ones of our honorees have been through exactly that.  Let’s make sure we remember the reason we’re here, especially this week. and do everything in our power to send the message that our honorees are Fallen, but Never Forgotten!