January 1, 2013

Happy New Year: Celebrate diversity!

That was a really tough recognition of the sacrifice, recovery, and current success of Noah Galloway. He is a model of toughness, motivation, and goal-attainment…and your reps honored that, indeed! No one was just punchin’ in today!

It would be hard not to be impressed with you. To start the new year, be comforted by the fact that you are doing what 99.9% of the population doesn’t do. Better than the 99% who just flat out aren’t fit enough to do it. And better than the .9% who are fit enough but use excuses and self-defeating strategies as avoidance! Really, who shows up at 9am New Years Day for that? Only CFers!

Impressive because you commit to these workouts with one sole purpose:  honor through suffering. Impressive because you put others’ workouts before your own to make the “whole” work! You ought to all be proud that…making CF the special, different, and badass place that it is!

To review (give or take a few reps on the amrap):
10 miles
550 squats
434 pushups
338 pullups
300 lsits
234 box jumps
200 swing
165 deadlifts
130 thrusters
100 burpees
72 pushpress
72 sdhp

All 7: Catharine, Mads, Ryan, Brad, Jen, James, Beth; All 7 Awardees: wtf: Kevin, teamwork: Zach/Steph, tenacity: Matt, just excel: Nancy, role model: Awesome, driven: Maria, inspiring: JJ

Have a great New Year!


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    Jan January 1, 2013 Reply

    This HW reminded me a lot of the very first one b/c it was similarly frigid and overcast most of the time. Ups the ante on the challenge. The bond that’s created through the grueling workouts is unparalleled, at least for middle-aged civilians. You people all rock! I am tucking this memorable experience into my pocket so I can use it as my ace in the hole when 2013 presents a challenge that seems insurmountable.

    Missed Kate, Melissa, Steve G, Gretch, Mike L, Weesa … to name a few. And Pags always.

    As always, thanks CK for creating a house that makes us all better people everytime we walk in the door! Only going up from here! Thanks MD for creating a special opportunity to honor these invidividuals and their sacrifices, and for giving us a chance to truly extend ourselves in terms of what we can accomplish.

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    Maria N. January 1, 2013 Reply

    A big shout out to Matt D. for his organization, creativity and most of all, doing the research on the heroes we honored this week. Driving to a gym to work out is a pittance compared to the personal sacrifice, bravery and selflessness of those we heard about over the last 7 days. Their tenacity to continue to set examples for their children and for all Americans of how to push through adversity and enjoy life is an inspiration to all.

    It was awesome to be with everyone and I always take a great feeling away from all Hero Weeks. Cheers to a healthy 2013.

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    Mike N January 1, 2013 Reply

    Never disappointing. Always inspiring and motivating. Many thanks Matt for orchestrating a week where we can honor our soldiers, where we can make a small sacrifice for the big sacrifices they make. HW has blossomed because of CF folks like CK and MD. It is outstanding to see this many folks, many of them new faces in the mix, participate in such a grueling challenge. It gets better every time. No better way to pay respect to those who serve our country!

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    Wicasa Yatapika January 2, 2013 Reply

    After putting the wraps on another Winter Hero Week there is always time for some reflection on what transpired during the week. Even with the experience of having participated in the event many times and the fact that I had done the wod’s before there were days when I had the butterflies driving to CF. One was for Murph and the other was for the Barbarian. And I suppose rightfully so, these wod’s are not for the meek. But when you get there and see the people and feel the energy, all the anxiety turns to focus and intent. And I suppose at the end of the day those two words sum up the experience quite well. Focus on performing at a high level while supporting a single-minded group effort. Be focused on the intent, to honor those who sacrificed and suffered for a belief in an ideal. An ideal that freedom isn’t free. The stories of those honored this week were inspiring and heart wrenching, men who were severely injured while trying to help others, men who were “blown-up” by a hidden an unseen enemy and yet they continued to perform there duties and move toward the danger. If the collective “we” accomplished anything this Hero week, it is this, we assured that these brave souls were not forgotten and that their heroic deeds and their heroic recoveries will be carried with us all as we move forward into the next chapter of our lives in the year 2013…

    Thanks to Chris Kaag for teaching us that the “whole” is greater than the self, for giving us the insight to what is possible when you remove the mental restrictions imposed by a sometimes ignorant and selfish society. For showing us that the only restrictions we have are those that are self-imposed!

    Thanks to Matt DiCintio for the idea, the idea that we can honor those who fought, died, and suffered for a country, by suffering and sacrificing as a collective. And by so doing we learn something about ourselves and about each other…

    I am truly humbled and honored to have been in the company of all of those who participated in this tribute to the fallen and the risen!!!

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    AdamR January 2, 2013 Reply

    Need to ditch the Awesome name for the week that I just witnessed. It has been summed up well already, but I must add how inspiring it is to be among such dedicated and selfless people.

    Those that we honored, like every hero week, are truly heroes and need to be celebrated and remembered. Every time one of their stories is recounted, I try to ask myself “could or would I do what they did in the same situation?” My answer is always the same, I don’t know, but I doubt it. So all I can do is play a small part of an amazing group to honor what the have and continue to do.

    Thanks to Chris and Matt for all they do as well, you have built a group and community second to none and taught us all much about ourselves and those we remember.

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