May 12, 2014

Guess who’s back?

Special guest instructor Ben Wilson will be teaching the 5:30 AM classes this Tuesday and Thursday!!  Welcome back, Ben – we’ve missed you!

<<Update: CF will be running  a 3-month student discount this summer!  Stay tuned for more info.>>

photo 2 (8) photo 1 (11)


*Reminder: Summer apparel orders are due 5/18

**Reminder that Saturday 7 AM class is CANCELLED (this week only, 5/17) due to Got the Nerve.  Good luck to all the CFers participating in the tri!!

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    Sandy Lugo May 12, 2014 Reply

    Yay!!! Welcome Back Ben..

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    Melissa May 12, 2014 Reply

    Wahooooo! Ben! Guess I’ll have to get my @ss out of bed early tmr! 🙂

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    Marissa B. May 13, 2014 Reply

    I need a nap after the class!!!!! Welcome back Ben! Great Class! Sorry if I’m slow and the last one to finish and have to modify when it comes to running! Thank you.

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