March 14, 2016

Goal Setting

Goals!  What are your goals?  Here are a few I’ve heard over the years:

I want to get faster
I want to lose weight
I want to get healthier (for my wedding, for an event, or just in general)
I want to get stronger
I want to do a pullup
I want to do pushups off my knees

What’s common about these goals?  While they’re all great aspirations, they’re pretty non-specific.  Similar goals may be very different to different people.  For example, getting stronger might mean lifting a certain amount of weight to one person and might mean getting up off the couch more easily to another.  So let’s dig a little deeper:

I want to run a mile in under 6 minutes by XX
I want to lose 10 lbs before the school year ends
I want to learn new healthy recipes and plan / cook my weekly meals ahead of time (still somewhat generic), starting now
I want to be able to carry my growing baby / toddler when he / she wants or needs me
I want to do 1 pullup by March 31st and then learn to string together 5 or more by April 30th
I want to do 10 consecutive pushups off my knees

Whatever your goals are, here are a few steps to take to make them reality (courtesy of Michael Hyatt):

Set SMART Goals:

Get motivated!: If you’re not motivated to attain the goal, it’s super unlikely you’re going to work towards it (this goes in the “obviously” category)

Write it down: Clearly define what it is you want…

Make a plan: …and how you plan to get there

And a couple I added myself:

Own it – set goals that come from within.  If it’s something imposed on you by someone else, it’s unlikely you’ll be motivated to reach your goals.

Celebrate your success!  What’s success without a little celebration?  Do something you enjoy to celebrate your accomplishment!

Continuously improve: Once you meet one goal, what’s next?  Make sure to keep sight of how you have changed / grown in meeting your goals.  Maintain that success and carry it through into the next one!


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