September 2, 2011

Friday: When do you get yours?

“Uh-oh” is about all there is to say.

Enthusiasm for the IM ABLE Duathlon Tug O War! If not awed by the strength and power, then be dazzled by the team Ts!

Oops on a missed Update:
Don’t forget the yearly Labor Day Special: 8am Cadence Run (Wyo Pool), 9am Combined Class (gym)

Also be sure to stay on top of the upcoming Pags Memorial events.

Musical Chairs:
Walkabout, Wtd Jingle Jangle, Step Over, Floor Wiper, B&T Bar Touch, Lunge, 8ct, HP, SideStep, Goblet Squat, ComboCr.
Walkabout, Wtd Jingle Jangle, Floor Wiper, Lunge, 8ct, SideStep, Goblet Squat, ComboCr.
Walkabout, Floor Wiper, 8ct, Goblet Squat
(Run 400 or 200 between Rds)

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    Melissa September 2, 2011 Reply

    LOVE IT Sunrise 6!!!! Kick some a$$!!! I’m not going to offer to be your cheerleader cuz that’s not how I roll, but I will be in your corner! Get ‘er done!!!

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    DanO September 2, 2011 Reply

    Scary name. Scary t-shirt. Scary pic.

    Good luck against the teams from Curves and the Carmalite Nuns

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    sam September 2, 2011 Reply


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    Jan September 2, 2011 Reply

    Wait, Melissa, you’re not on the team? You’re one of the most dedicated CF Sunrisers out there – and most able to pull her own weight, I might add! Their loss….

    Love the enthusiasm tho. Looks like it was taken in 1972.

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    Melissa September 3, 2011 Reply

    Jan, I was afraid I’d rip up my hands doing the tug o’war 🙂

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