October 21, 2011

Friday “Friend Me” Incentive: Would you believe 800 free classes?

OK, Social Butterflies…time to give your friends a shout-out. CF is modifying its “Motivate-a-Friend Plan” from October 22 to October 31.

Any NEW person can buy a 10-class punchcard for only $80!
AND, the referring CFer will get a FREE 5-CLASS PUNCHCARD (Ok, would you believe 5 free classes?)

You got it! Want 5 free classes? Then do that Social Media thing that you do so well…”like” them, “friend” them, tweet and digg, post on Walls, email & text…or go old school, and skip the social media, call them, ring doorbells, send smoke signals.

Contact your extended group who might not know about CF, or those folks who do know and get them to try it out.

If they buy a punchcard (and name you as the referrer), you get free classes! Sweet deal!

You might ask, “What’s the best day for new folks to attend?”

And good of you to ask! Tuesday 930A & Wednesday 530P, of course, are specifically labeled “Beginner” to ease new folks into the intensity of CF.

BUT, Saturday October 29, 945AM, is a NEW CFer ONLY CLASS! Intoductory CF Class for anyone who wants to try it out!

From Oct. 22-29…let’s do a full scale blitz and get some new CFers hooked on the best Conditioning program there is!



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