December 14, 2012

Friday food for thought… Junk Food on the Brain?

Is it possible that junk food can cause withdrawal?  A recent article says it is and it does!

In the beginning it says that some mice were fed a diet “high in sugar and fat” while others were fed “healthier foods.”   The remainder of the article goes on to discuss fat only.  The mice fed the high sugar/high fat diet experienced withdrawal symptoms like anxiety and depression when they stopped eating the food.

Despite what the pointy-haired boss says, correlation is not causation!  Many Paleo eaters out there will dispute the association of high-fat diets with obesity, etc.  Perhaps there is an underlying factor leading to these results.  Come on, critical thinking, folks!

Post thoughts / disagreements (with the article or with this post) / etc to comments!  Anyone know how you diagnose depression or other emotions in mice?

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    Scott December 16, 2012 Reply

    Couldn’t agree more emphatically! Since last March I’ve been eating a clean diet. Every now and then when something really good comes along I will cheat, just such an event happened last week when I was sent brownies from Eli Zabar in NYC. I knew right away it was going to taste unreal-and it did. What I felt however cured me of sweets for awhile. First my heart rate raced like I had OD’d on caffeine and about 25 minutes later I crashed. All I wanted was more sugar. Instead I drowned myself with water and it did the trick. Easy to see how people get on that negative feedback loop!

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