July 5, 2013

Friday Food for Thought – Are you really human?

Did you know that your body hosts more bacterial cells than human cells?  In fact, up to 1-2% of your body mass is from bacteria that live in and on you!  Sounds gross, but it’s actually a very good thing!  These bacteria help you digest food, fight infections, and stay clean.

A recent study found that the bacteria in your gut change very little over time.  The study followed several dozen people over a period of 5 years and found that their gut bacteria changed very little with the exception of when study participants lost a lot of weight in a short time.

The Human Food Project has an ongoing study to investigate and evaluate the human microbiome and see how people compare based on their heritage, diet, geographical location, etc.  Click here to learn more and get involved.  Scroll down to see an interesting video on how the baby gut changes from birth up to age 3  – very intriguing stuff!


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