November 16, 2012

Friday Food for Thought

No more twinkies?!?  Another sure sign that the world is ending (or not…)  Sure it might be sad for nostalgic reasons, but hearing the news about Hostess closing up shop got me to thinking…  What does it say about our society that we have giant factories where non-perishable “cakes” are extruded on an assembly line of ingredient hoppers…  There are people in other countries who are thankful for the vegetables they are able to grow seasonally??

Also, on a more serious note: drinking green tea when eating starchy food may help limit blood sugar spikes!  We’ve touched on this before during various challenges – if you are eating starchy foods, throw in a glass of green tea.  It’s all-around good for you and tastes great!

Thanksgiving is next week already!  Does anyone have any favorite recipes to share?  You can go Paleo pretty easily on this holiday… post favorites to the comments!

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    Natalie Bell November 17, 2012 Reply

    I don’t think I have ever eaten a twinkie.
    One of my favorite Thanksgiving sides in sauteed shredded brussels.
    brussels sprouts
    onion (diced)
    red pepper flakes
    olive oil
    salt and white pepper
    pine nuts

    Blanch the brussels sprouts for one minute and then put in ice bath to stop the cooking process. Shred in food processor.
    In large saute pan, cook the bacon. Remove bacon from pan and set on paper towels. Chop bacon to bits.
    Remove some of the bacon fat from saute pan and add onions. Saute until translucent. Add shredded brussel sprouts. Saute until cooked to your liking. Add pine nuts, salt, red pepper flakes and white pepter to taste.
    Serve with bacon bits over top. Enjoy!

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    Leibo November 17, 2012 Reply

    Here is a Thanksgiving day tip to ensure the white meat and dark meat finish cooking at the same time. Once the turkey reaches room temperature, take a zip lack bag of ice and place it on the turkey breasts for about 30-45 minutes before you put the bird in the oven or grill. Works every time!

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      Leibowitz November 17, 2012 Reply

      Meant zip lock.

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    Kate Goodman November 17, 2012 Reply

    There is a good article about Hostess in today’s New York Times. The Oreo is a $500 billion brand for Mondalez (formerly Kraft). That figure does not include US sales.

    My fav recipe for Thanksgiving (and many other dinners too):

    Mashed cauliflower:

    One head of cauliflower cut in even sized florets
    2-3 cloves of garlic smashed

    place garlic and cauliflower in a steamer basket. Steam for 10-15 minutes until tender.

    Process in food processor with 3/4 stick of butter. Process until smooth and creamy. Add salt and pepper to taste. This can be made ahead and reheated in oven.

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    Wicasa Yatapika November 18, 2012 Reply

    Does that mean no more Ding Dongs?

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    Gretch November 19, 2012 Reply

    We’ll always have at least one Ding Dong 🙂

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    hoov November 19, 2012 Reply

    Damn, no more twinky diets either–great way to lose weight 🙂

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