March 23, 2016

Form: Defining Fitness

A few motivational words from past CFer Sam Scaffidi on this Wednesday morning.  Sam is a motivating, fun, just plain awesome woman who has ventured near and far in her fitness journey.  She currently resides in New York City.  You can learn more about her at her blog home page.  You rock, Sam!

“For a long time, my goal was to have a 6 pack; I thought a 6 pack was the cornerstone of fitness. I started doing sit ups in my bedroom at my parents’ house when I was 13 years old & all the way through high school. I had a routine of a total of 500 reps of different variations of sit ups & I would do them most nights before I went to bed. I was still a kid, I spent most of my day (beyond school) being super active, I played sports that required speed, agility, endurance & strength…all of which start with a strong core.

Fast forward: a degree in Exercise Science and Kinesiology, 3 years of consistent yoga practice (in college), 3 marathons, 6 years of CrossFit, nearly 3 years of SoulCycle, countless workouts later & I recognize that abs are not the only measure (if any measure at all) of fitness. Abs are a result of low body fat and a well developed core. A huge part of how I built a strong core and started to develop visible abs was not only because of doing so many variations of sit ups, but largely in part to the body movement and core control required on the field, court and track & now on the bike. But that’s not what makes me fit.”
– S. Scaffidi



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