May 12, 2017

Food Struggle

We all want to be fit and eat well, but when does that eating well become an unhealthy obsession?  I think the answer for each of us is different.  For me, it was freshman year in college: The stress of everything, combined with my adamant (i.e.”obsessive”) desire NOT to gain the dreaded “Freshman 15,” created an unhealthy situation in which I actually lost 15 lbs, dropping to a barely-existing 115 lbs (to gauge, imagine current me LESS 15+ lbs… not good!)  Luckily, I was able to address the issue and have nearly fully recovered, 15 years later (gulp! has it really been that long?!?)  But the situation was, and continues to be, a mental battle that sometimes rears up in the least expected places.

Here’s a great article written by Isabelle and Franzi Ross on their family food situation, entitled “When What I Ate Made Me ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’

And another reminder about when being careful about what you eat bridges into the unhealthy situation that is Orthorexia: When Does Eating Clean Become An Eating Disorder?

Now, I’m not saying to go pig out or throw all your clean eating habits out the window.  I’m just saying it’s important to be aware of yourself and make good choices.  Know where your limits are, and respect them.  And be well rounded, in all things you do, including your eating habits!  It’s ok to stray from your “normal” routine every so often.  Just so long as you’re aware and do your best.


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