February 4, 2012

Food fer thought.

Came across these gentle reminders at crossfitmerced.

  • If you were overweight when you started, you should now be lean (if you were significantly overweight, you should be really close to getting there). Are you? (Don’t confuse lean-ness with weight loss. Weight loss is a byproduct of fitness but not an absolute indicator. Body fat % is a much better way to measure progress. Have you lost a significant amount of body fat?) CrossFit is incredibly efficient at shredding the fat from your body if you eat right.
  • Are you flexible? Can you touch your toes? Can you do the splits? Can you scratch the middle of your own back? You should be able to. We’ve been showing you mobility exercises and sending you to If you’re too tight you won’t be able to put your body in good positions to move efficiently. You should be dialing this in by now.
  • Can you do honest pushups with a tight hollow body? A whole bunch of them? you should. We’ve let you use your knees, but have you taken advantage of this luxury? If you can do 100 “snake” pushups super fast, but can’t do 10 honest pushups then you’ve been faking it.
  • Are you progressing through your pullup bands? A good rule of thumb is that you should use a given color band for 4-6 weeks, then move on to the next color. Is it a matter of mental or physical capacity? (hint: If you haven’t been progressing, it might be an issue of lean-ness – see above. It also might be a matter of confidence. If this is the case, just ask a coach what band to use. We believe you’re pretty strong.) How long have you been on your band?
  • 3 words: RANGE OF MOTION! Squats/pullups/box jumps/push press/etc. Range-of-motion is incredibly important. Is yours great? It should be by now.
  • Techniques. Are you moving properly? How’s the timing in your squat-clean? How’s your footwork on your split jerk? How’s your kipping? Overhead Squat? These movements require considerable amounts of practice and repetition to get good at BUT if you’ve been around for a long time you don’t have much of an excuse.
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