June 27, 2016

A Flippin’ Fantastic Challenge….This Week Only!

There’s a quote that starts with “Challenges are what make life interesting….”. There’s more to it, but let’s just stop there. Why not participate in challenge? See how you do?
First summer challenge/competition coming at you this week: Tire Flip Challenge! How many flips can you do in 2 minutes?
*Grab a classmate, grab a timer and set for 2 minutes. Please note the marked tires. Men and Ladies will be properly marked.
*Honor system in effect! Record your number of flips on chart posted at whiteboard.
*One chance only….cannot try it multiple times to try and get highest number of flips.
*This week only! (Monday thru Friday)
*And remember to practice good form! Make sure you are properly warmed up. Feet are wide, arms are between legs and grabbing under tire. Feet should start behind the tire with upper body leaning into tire. Take note of the pic below of Brian… He has begun the flip, but notice the lean-in of the upper body. Keep your back flat and not rounded. Once you get the tire to about mid-thigh, use a quad to help push it over.
And GOOD LUCK!13516649_1128687400525736_4819479374264229055_n 13532818_1128687427192400_1224936796729736627_n


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