Flash Sale!!

We are going to have a Flash Holiday Sale beginning Tuesday 12/08/15 5:30am until Wednesday 12/09/15 10:00am…. This sale will give the clients an opportunity to get some Corps Fitness gear for the Christmas Holiday.  We will be offering a 10% off on the merchandise during this time only…the 10% will NOT be given after 10am on Wednesday  12/09/15.  Any order placed after the 10am cutoff will not be guaranteed for the holidays..

Mens Grey Laced Hoodie – $30.00 (10%)= $27.00

Ladies Grey Zip Hoodie- $25.00 (10%)= $22.50

Black Unisex Hoodies- $25.00 (10%)= $22.50

Black Long Sleeve Shirts(Men/Ladies) =$15.00 (10%)= $13.50

Black Short Sleeve Shirts(Men/Ladies)-$15.00 (10%)= $13.50

Black Skull Cap – $15.00 (10%)= $13.50