April 29, 2016

Fitbit And Food

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If you’re using a fitbit to track your activity and food intake, here are a couple very informative articles on why it may or may not work out as you planned:

Fitbit: You’re Doing it Wrong, P Nobles
“The problem with eating inflexibly for too long is your body adapts to that. FYI — that’s also the reason you are under-eating your Fitbit burn by 700 calories and still not losing weight. The body searches for balance (homeostasis), so if you feed your body an inadequate amount for your activity level, it simply adjusts. That’s why what we teach is so important. You can only dig a hole for so long before you hit a point of resistance.”

“So, should you be eating the number on your Fitbit? I’m going to say yes, you should. This assumes you understand a bit about how things work, and if you don’t, we have a staff of 35 people who can help. But if you aren’t seeing results with your fat loss goals, it’s probably because you have been burning the candle at both ends for too long.”

PFFL: We’re All Athletes (Doing your Fitbit Right), P Nobles
“The biggest problem with the “calories in/calories out” crowd is that they miss the real magic. There’s no question that calorie counting is a great tool for making people more aware of how much they do and how much they eat. But if you keep banging that same “do more/eat less” hammer, your body will simply adjust (i.e., down-regulate).”

“What does that mean for you, specifically? If you are a 350 pound male with more fat to use, your intervals between PFFL periods might be shorter. If you are a 110 pound female, you might never need to do PFFL. Ultimately, it can be customized for anyone, and this is the point. “One size fits all” dieting is a myth. Everyone needs to get a little specific to see real results. Long story longer — if you are using your Fitbit as a way of creating a deficit,  you may see much better long-term results by eating what you burn, because that’s the way your body wants to work.”


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