November 5, 2014

Find your flow… and other rules for working out

At CF, we hit pretty much all of these during any given workout.  Check out more excellent tips from Mark’s Daily Apple here!

10 Rules of successful exercise (credit: Mark’s Daily Apple)
1. Do what you love – check.  If you’re a CFer, you stick around because you love it (how you feel, how you look, how strong you are, your CF family.  I could go on and on!)
2. Get a buddy (check – see above)
3. Get outside (yes, even in bad weather!)
4. Incorporate play (bear crawls, chase the rabbit, Indian runs, leap frogs.  Yep, we’ve got that covered!)
5. Have a purpose (CFers – being a part of something bigger than yourself.  Contributing to a greater good.)
6. Find your flow (zone out, get in the rhythm and keep it up whether it’s for 30 seconds at a time, or a 45-minute grinder)
7. Feel the endorphin rush (post workout bliss.  ’nuff said)
8. Don’t worry about the outcome (just be in the moment.  Don’t compare or compete, just get it done)
9. Are you training or exercising? (there’s no wrong answer.  some of us fall into each category)
10. Try something new (yep, every day.  How long had it been since you did rope climbs or hand stands or sled pushes before you came to CF?)


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