January 6, 2017



“I’m too old to do that” “I have to get in better shape to come out”!!! We’ve heard so many reasons why you CAN’T but maybe ask 71 year old Joanne Tammaro why and how you CAN!!! We are all so proud of her and what she’s been able to accomplish being at Corps Fitness for over 4 years!

During her time at CF, Joanne has come back from a broken ankle suffered when she fell at home, and attributes her quick recovery to the athleticism (and strong bones) she achieved through her hard work at Corps Fitness.  Keep it up, Joanne!!  We love you!!

#whatsyourexcuse #betterthanmosthalfmyage #feelinggood #ageisjustanumber #respect #workhardaccomplishanything


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