September 23, 2014

Exciting Announcement: September Mini-Challenge!!

Perfect timing, right?  Because you were just thinking “man, I could really use a challenge right about now.”  …because you’re a CFer and CFers are challenge seekers!  Well, you’re in luck:

Running this ThursdaySaturday before every scheduled class, 2 people can sign up for each 5-minute increment in between the following times:

  • Thursday – 5:05am-5:20am / 9:05am-9:20am / 5:05pm-5:20pm
  • Friday – 5:05am-5:20am / 9:05am-9:20am / 5:05pm-5:20pm
  • Saturday – 6:35am – 6:50am / 8:05am – 8:20am

This is a 3 exercise challenge that will take approximately 10 minutes. Please bring a stopwatch to track your time so you can use this benchmark to re-test in October. Sign up for your time slot at the CF front desk.  **Be ready to start at your designated time: get there enough ahead of time so you can warm up and stretch on your own.

** FAQs / Gripes:
Q: But this is too last-minute and I need to train for the challenge.
A: No, you don’t.  You’re a CFer, and coming to CF is enough training for this challenge.  Plus, the time you set in September will be the time to beat when you re-test in October.  So you’re really just competing against yourself, and you “train” as much as you train any day.

Q: I can’t do this weekend – can I just do the re-test in October?
A: Well, are you really busy or do you just not want to pick a time slot outside of your comfort zone?  And what’s the point in re-testing if you have nothing to compare it to in the first place?  It’s up to you…

Q: What are the exercises?
A: You’ll find out when you get there.  Another testament to the idea of getting there ahead of time to set up and warm up.  Do it.

Q: Bring my own stopwatch?
A: Yes, a trainer will start you and keep track, but he/she will likely be starting others when you’re wrapping up.  Bring your own timer and remember your time long enough to write it down (and beat it in October).

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    Sara September 23, 2014 Reply

    Any way to get time slots after class or before the GS classes? I can’t make the times before class.

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