August 6, 2011

Ew…you may as well eat…

HATE! (betcha thought I was gonna say donuts).

Add a “meat” to these meals ONLY IF that meat is local, clean, natural.

The current turkey/salmonella situation ought to give pause to reflect on the quality of meat one purchases. As the move to low sugar, slow carb diets has gained momentum, it’s important to note that those meat based sources of protein MUST be from local sources, treated humanely, from free/clean living conditions!

This isn’t the forum to review the revolting conditions of factory farmed meats. From breeding to living conditions to slaughtering conditions to any other number of abuses suffered by cows, pigs, and chickens…it is a toxic system. (if you can stomach it, youtube “undercover factory farming” to view the abuses).

So, if you’ve been passing up the pretzels for mass produced beef jerky, it may be a wash. Trade in 1 toxin for another. Add in the flavor enhancers on that jerky…and you’re better off eating nothing!

When discussing diet, it’s very difficulty b/c it’s embedded in culture: geography, politics, ethics, economy, spirituality. But the availability of clean, natural meats is hard to dispute. If you can’t get that in your area or on your budget, then you may consider skipping it all together. The subject line of this post came from JD who said people who eat mass produced meats are still sick on the inside “because it’s like they’re eating hate.” Exactly.

Cleans, ACSquat, PlyoPushup, MB Slides, 2KB Swing, Leg Raise, Scissor Lunge, Renegade Rows, B&T (your choice), Ball Crunch

End: Step Up, Bar Heave, Partner Plank

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    wicasa Yatapika August 6, 2011 Reply

    We are so far removed from our roots by the idea of Manifest Destiny. Animals were eaten, but they were not slaughtered in masses. Meat was used for food, bone was used for tools, hides were used for shelter and clothing, fat and brain for tanning those hides, sinew was used for thread etc. The animal was honored for the sustenance it provided and nothing was wasted and no more than what was needed was killed. Today life, any life, is cheap. The idea of the connection between all living things is lost. In days past the synergy between living things was used to advantage. Corn was grown, beans were grown under the corn and the bean stalks wrapped around the corn stalks for support. In order to prevent weeds from growing squash was planted between the corn stalks. Again, waste was limited and space was conserved…our hearts have become hardened by the amount of blood spilled in the name of progress. As much as mankind has gained is as much as was lost. Food is now rarely used for nutrition, but more for comfort and to fill up a hole that can’t be filled;…communing with nature is a foreign idea too many, therefore the respect required to preserve the Circle of Life that encompasses all creation…well, it is simply broken…

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    James August 7, 2011 Reply

    JJ, as usual, one of your thoughtful, insightful comments. That one makes me stop and reflect and that’s what too many people forget to do. Plus, I think I learned a little something about farming.

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    Wicasa Yatapika August 7, 2011 Reply

    Thanks James!

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