August 15, 2011

Emotional HW Kickoff!

Lots to follow along here:
*Dedication to Pags, his absence a solemn reminder.
**Then Capt. Johnson from India Battery US Marine Reserve Training Center led off the PM class with a tribute to his friend on the Honor Roll, Matt Vandegrift…it was tough to keep a dry eye on the warm up lap. Reps from the Marines/KWW will be at a variety of classes across the week. If you don’t catch up with them during the week, definitely give them a big Thank You on Saturday.

***Speaking of Saturday. Please go to the Facebook event page and indicate if you will attend the Saturday Wounded Warrior Donation WOD. We have 22 so far, expect all 32 who signed up for the package certainly, and many, many more! We’d like to get a headcount, generally. Let’s kick it CF style folks. If you don’t do Facebook (good for you!), then you can just post a comment here saying you’ll attend.

****Lastly, Daniel is a smack in the face on Day 1. If you weren’t tasting blood, then you got problems. Awesome, awesome effort. Big form on the Thrusters! Stellar Pull Ups…Weesa One Hundred to start the week! And the usual CF support and encouragement from start to finish. Keep on gettin’ some!
Tomorrow…Blake. It’ll only hurt as much as you want it to!

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    mfg August 16, 2011 Reply

    Eerily quiet, especially during the warm-up. Trying to hold it together. All for Pags, and others who didn’t make it home!
    I LOVE Hero Week and bonding in a different way with my CF family. Ooh Rah!

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    weesa August 17, 2011 Reply

    not on facebook but will be attending Saturday .

    Double unders?

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