January 21, 2012

Down the middle

1: Bar Complex, Burpee, Wall Ball, Curl/Press, Lunge, Sno-Angel
2: JumpPU/KTE, Crunch, Side Step, Dip/PU, DB Swing, MB Chop
Down the middle.
Pic 3: That’s awesome…Sorta sums up the kinda week its been. Happy Snowy Day!

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    Wicasa Yatapika January 21, 2012 Reply

    EEE…TRIPLE E…E^3….Enlighten: greater knowledge and understanding about a situation, Eradicate: put an end to “panic”, Enrich: improve or enhance the experience…the lesson for the day is “Grace under fire!” Remember a diamond is nothing more than a piece of charcoal that handles pressure extremely well…listen, think, breathe, and never panic, flow with it like water down a rocky stream bed…become one with the experience and in the immortal words of Chevy Chase…”Be the ball Danny!”

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