August 16, 2011

Do something special.

Marine 1st Sgt. Luke Mercardante was killed in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan when an IED detonated beneath his Humvee. As battalion sergeant major, at the time it was the death of the highest ranking enlisted Marine in Afghanistan.

Sgt. Mercardante graduated from Parris Island, served in deserter apprehension, served as a drill instructor, and was assigned as VMI’s Marine officer instructor. He was known by other Marine’s as “the type of man and Marine that anyone would follow until drawing their last breath.”

In a letter to his sister, he wrote “I want no person to ever feel sad or pity for me or my Marines as we endure hardship and sacrifice, as this is our calling with the unknown outcome being of God’s master plan.”

Blake: 4 Rds
100 Ft. OH Walking Lunge
30 Box Jumps
20 Wall Ball


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