January 18, 2016

Did you know… mentoring at CF!


In 2015, Corps Fitness established a Mentoring program. Most seasoned CFers can demonstrate on cue the differences between a push press, a thruster, a cluster and a man-maker. Or they could demonstrate the differences between a deadhang, a kipping, a butterfly, a banded or a jump pull-up. And then again, maybe some seasoned CFers cannot.

However, no doubt, we do HUNDREDS of different kinds of exercises (and spin-offs of them) at CF. And, we have a variety of formats. You never know what you are going to get when you walk in the doors at CF. You have to think on the fly and be all in, both physically and mentally, when you take a class.

So, enter the new person. For those coming to CF for the first time, it can be overwhelming. Hence, the mentor program. Sign up to have a mentor, and that person becomes your “go-to” person at CF. A mentor can do pre-class explanation and demonstration of exercises. They can give suggestions for scaled distances, scaled repetitions and scaled weights. And they definitely can hold you accountable to move with urgency and purpose in the midst of the workout. All good, right?

Right. But, truly, regardless if you are designated as a mentor….regardless if a new person comes in and hasn’t elected to have a mentor….we are ALL still mentors anyway. Like Cody in the pic below helping a newcomer….and Karen, helping a few learn the kipping technique….We are all there to hold each other accountable for moving with urgency and purpose. We are all there to help correct form or set someone straight if they are doing an exercise wrong. We are all mentors (even to the seasoned CFer who still doesn’t remember the difference between an ammo can heave and an ammo can press)…..We are Corps Fitness.

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