February 9, 2016

Did You Know…

Have you navigated through the new website since it has been launched? More tweaks coming along the way as needed, but hopefully you are finding it easy to see what you need.
One of the features on the new website is the testimonials….shout-outs to Corps Fitness, if you will. We are a humble bunch, those of us who come to CF; we come in, we take what is doled out in the form of the exercise, and we take what “punishments” may come our way by our own doings whether it be lacking urgency, not helping out a teammate, or not following directions. And we don’t do it for praise, or to say “hey, look how awesome we are…”. We just do it.
But, shout outs are cool too. We don’t look for it. We don’t do things for the praise or accolades we think it might bring us. But it’s good affirmation to know we are doing things right.
And speaking of shout-outs….Bob Stichter gave this shout to CF on our Facebook page a few weeks ago:
“(CF) Saved my life more than once. As a fire fighter I need to be in top physical and mental shape to save you and to do my job, but what ended up was, it saved my life, by me being in the top physical condition due to the great staff and great workouts at CF. I was able to save myself when stairs burned through and when a truck rolled over me. My physical condition prevented way more serious injuries beyond the broken ribs, and separated shoulder. The support from the staff and the members before, during and after the workouts are truly inspiring and makes you want to do more and to keep coming back. The staff helps you work to YOUR ability not to the whole. Form and proper ways of doing the exercise is more important and beneficial then how many BAD reps you do. And if you get called out because you are doing something improper, it isn’t to embarrass you but to help you get the most out of the exercise and the work out as a whole. Corps Fitness is the toughest, hardest, most self challenging and most motivated place I have ever gone to work out. Walk in strong, crawl out stronger. It’s not a GYM its CORPS FITNESS.”
And Corps Fitness is throwing the kudos right back at Bob as he was promoted to Lieutenant Fire Prevention for the Reading Fire Department. Job well deserved Bob!
Do you have a testimonial about your experiences at Corps Fitness? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us your short-but-sweet write-up to melissa@corpsfitness.net.

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