August 10, 2012

Day 5: Flap-Attack

Courage. MWD Flapoor was even featured in a Dog Heroes Series book “Combat Wounded Dogs.”

MWD Flapoor did two tours in Iraq. During his first tour, in 2005-2006, MWD Flapoor and his handler at the time, Cpl Poelart, were providing security at an Iraqi police recruitment center in Ar Ramadi when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the building. MWD Flapoor had ball-bearing shrapnel pierce his chest and lungs.

Then in 2008, MWD Flapoor recovered from his wounds and went back for a second successful tour in Iraq! Flapoor died of heart failure June 30 2009. (you can view a video tribute on the Honor Roll page)

“My son served a tour of duty with flap by his side. As a parent and knowing a child is in harms way I felt he was fortunate that flapoor was watching over him. He was a tremendous MWD and will be sadly missed by all of us.” (S. Adornetto)


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