February 7, 2014

Cold is the new heat

…or something like that.  Germans may love their saunas, but new research suggests (or confirms) that shivering / being cold can actually help mobilize brown fat.  Additionally, they found that exercise helps to turn white fat to brown fat.   So… logically, a combination of exercise and exposure to cold temperatures sounds like the winning combination!  Although, per the NYTimes article:

“…there are no indications that exercising in the cold amplifies the production of irisin and brown fat compared with working out in warmer environs, Dr. Celi said. But the new study does suggest that if you can’t get to the gym, at least consider lingering outside at the bus stop and shivering.”

We wouldn’t you to be lonely, so instead of standing outside alone, why not come on over to CF and shiver while you’re stretching before class.  Hmmm… Maybe we’ve been onto something all along!

Read more here and here (thanks, Matt D, for these 2 articles)

The ducks aren't afraid of the cold, and you shouldn't be either!
The ducks aren’t afraid of the cold, and you shouldn’t be either!



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