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Provide encouraging, motivating and inspirational team building session to include mental & physical components that will build and solidify team camaraderie for those of ALL abilities.

• Corps Fitness offers an engaging environment where teamwork, respect, and accountability are prioritized through mental and physical challenges that push team members to their limits.
• These challenges focus on the core of team collaboration, incorporating leadership development with exercises for all abilities. Accountability, respect, and discipline carry further than the workout; each are qualities that will find a role in your workplace to improve productivity and work ethic.
• Through years of working with companies and their employees, Corps Fitness has formed long-lasting bonds and effective leadership qualities among committed groups, all of which contribute to the goal of communal success.
• Our promise is to improve group morale and team effectiveness using these demanding challenges.
• Corps Fitness offers the most effective team building experience, motivation, and camaraderie, as well as an overall sense of accomplishment. aining blurb


# People Up to 12 13-25 26-50 51-75 76-125 126-185
2 hrs $700 $58/person $55/person $52/person $49/person $46/person
3-4 hrs $820 $68/person $65/person $62/person $59/person $56/person

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For questions or for more information please contact our front desk at


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Class Trainer

Chris Kaag
Founder/Adaptive Training Academy Certified

I went into the Marine Corps right out of high school as an overweight football...


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