August 26, 2013


Get ready for a challenge like you’ve never seen before!  September 1st we’ll introduce the ‘Carry the Load’ challenge at CF classes.  All September long, workouts will be organized around carrying a load either as an individual or as a team (or both).  These workouts are still scale-able to all abilities and general class formats will remain the same.  You’ll just be asked to do a little extra and push everyone else to step it up as well.

We’ll have ‘test in’ and ‘test out’ days set up so you can see how you improve over the course of the month.  Test in sessions will be September 1 and 2 – additional class times have been added and all classes on these days will be the same:

  • 9/1: 7, 8, 9 AM and 1, 2, 3 PM
  • 9/2: 8, 9 AM (Holiday hours) **UPDATED

Please plan to attend one of these classes to get your baseline.

Be creative!  Bring your own weighted object or grab one at CF.

Click here or the sidebar icon to find out more.  Post any additional questions or comments or eggings-on below!

  • Matt August 26, 2013 Reply

    Gonna be a good one for sure!
    We have lots of fave formats cued up for CFers build around the "carrying" theme! And of course, lots of regular CF leaving it up to your creativity to "pull your weight" through a circuit!
    Either way…it’ll be classic and certain to contribute to the usual witty banter of CFers. It’s also a great way for new folks to see how CFers get involved in these "specials" and why we call it "fun."

  • Jan August 28, 2013 Reply

    Lots of ideas on the google to make your own weight vest, including using flyfishing vests, duct tape… sky’s the limit when it comes to carrying loads! 🙂

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