August 11, 2014

CF makes you better at…

…pretty much anything!  Carrying kids or groceries or hoisting heavy stuff into your car.  Bending, lifting at odd angles, climbing the stairs, having the strength to recover from an accident or injury.  No, we don’t focus 100% of every workout on running or strength or agility, but all of these are 100% percent included in what we do every day.  And we pretty much never swim (though some days it may feel *or look* like we do), but CFers are pretty good at that, too!!  You know you can do it, you have the mental toughness to get it done, no doubt you will do it!  Keep up the good work, CFers!!


  • Karen Owens August 11, 2014 Reply

    Every. Single. Day. I thank CF every time I lift my kids, every time we carry Angela’s floppy body up four flights of steps and have enough energy left over to do it a few more times! Ha! CF doesn’t end when we exit building 7.

    • g
      g August 12, 2014 Reply

      Karen, You get a double workout every day: one at CF and another all day at home! I thought of you and thanked my CF training this weekend while balancing on the trailer hitch and using one arm to hoist Chris’ chair into the back of the car…

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