…other something we need to have at CF.  Get to your next station with a purpose – No Walking!

A:A sense of urgency is the sense that immediate action is required. It is the idea that something must be done as soon as possible or a potentially positive outcome may be missed or turned into a negative outcome. In some instances, it can mean preventing a negative outcome from getting even worse.

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Between Corps Fitness (CF) and CrossFit (XF)?

There’s only one Corps Fitness

Yes, we are a CrossFit affiliate (CrossFit Berks) and we enjoy seeing new or returning faces from traveling XFers.  But there’s only one Corps Fitness, and that’s just how we like it!

Regardless of the class you’re attending, you’re getting an entire hour of constant motion!  I’ve heard comments from people who say “I only come on xxx days because I like / don’t like the xxx workouts.”  Chime in: what do you see as the difference between Corps Fitness and CrossFit?  Is it a circuit or pods vs exercises listed on a board?   The mental aspect of not knowing what’s next?  Working in teams vs a more ‘at your own pace’ format?

PS – I know most CFers aren’t shy, but if you’re more of an emailer vs comment poster, you can email a response using this link.  We appreciate your feedback and strive to make every workout better than the last at CF!!




Is it the mental toughness?  The pushing yourself beyond what you thought were your limits?  The teamwork and working together across all abilities and experience levels?  The self sacrifice for the greater good?


It’s all of that and more.  This isn’t about you.  Corps Fitness isn’t a place you just come to get a work out.  It’s not a ho-hum globo gym where you pay $xx a month  and we don’t care if you never come back.  This is a family, and just like any family, we love to greet our new members who are arriving all the time.  And just like a family, you’re held accountable by the other members to hold up the morals and integrity of this “thing” that is so much bigger than any one individual.  If you’re a veteran, take a newbie under your wing, teach them, and show them the ropes.  If you’re a newbie,  pay close attention to the level of respect others show for CF and their fellow CFers.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been here 3 months or 3 years, if you are giving your all during every class and pushing yourself to help out your team mates, if you “buy in” to what CF is all about, you’re helping make CF what it is.  And we thank you for that.

If you’d like to give a shout-out to a fellow CFer, send an email to Gretchen with their name and why you’d like to nominate them / how they demonstrate the CF spirit.  As nominations come in, we’ll be periodically posting these shout-outs on the blog.  Be sure to check in to see who’s recognized!!

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It probably won’t surprise you that Americans actually consume more chocolate during the Halloween and Easter holiday than Valentine’s day, but did you know that the US lags behind several other countries in terms of chocolate consumption per capita?  Read more fun facts about chocolate here.

“According to research from the Nielsen Company, Easter historically trumps Valentine’s Day with 71 million pounds of chocolate candy purchased. Halloween trumps both of those holidays; more than 90 million pounds of chocolate candy are purchased for the spooky, treat-filled holiday.” (MSN)

**Tonight’s the night!  Join CFers for the kickoff workout of the “From Corps Fitness, with Love” KB-themed weekend.  Then come back tomorrow morning at 7 AM or 8:30 AM and again Sunday at 8 AM or 1 PM to finish it out.  See you there!**


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Off to the races!
Off to the races!



…or something like that.  Germans may love their saunas, but new research suggests (or confirms) that shivering / being cold can actually help mobilize brown fat.  Additionally, they found that exercise helps to turn white fat to brown fat.   So… logically, a combination of exercise and exposure to cold temperatures sounds like the winning combination!  Although, per the NYTimes article:

“…there are no indications that exercising in the cold amplifies the production of irisin and brown fat compared with working out in warmer environs, Dr. Celi said. But the new study does suggest that if you can’t get to the gym, at least consider lingering outside at the bus stop and shivering.”

We wouldn’t you to be lonely, so instead of standing outside alone, why not come on over to CF and shiver while you’re stretching before class.  Hmmm… Maybe we’ve been onto something all along!

Read more here and here (thanks, Matt D, for these 2 articles)

The ducks aren't afraid of the cold, and you shouldn't be either!
The ducks aren’t afraid of the cold, and you shouldn’t be either!



My what, you say??  Yes your rostral ventrolateral medulla, an area of the brain that controls the body’s sympathetic nervous system.  We know that exercising is associated with positive changes in your brain, but this article summarizes new research suggesting that inactivity may be associated with negative changes.

“In effect, these neurons had changed in ways that made them likely to overstimulate the sympathetic nervous system, potentially increasing blood pressure and contributing to the development of heart disease.”

So get up off the couch and DO SOMETHING!!


What’s better: bigger or smaller?  How about stronger or weaker?  Is it possible to be small and strong or big and weak?  Really if you think about it, a 400-lb person might be stronger than any of us because every time he / she stands up it’s a 400-lb squat.  Think about that for a second…

Strength comes in all shapes and sizes and your body will adapt to the challenges you throw at it.  If you want to bench press a car, that’s cool even though there’s a very small chance you’ll ever need that skill.  But maybe you’d rather carry your kids / moving boxes / groceries without getting hurt.  Or climb the stairs without getting winded.  Or even get up from the couch without throwing your back out…  What we do is all about functional fitness: training to be better at everyday life activities.  And based on the progress of our CFers, it’s safe to say everyone is doing an excellent job.  But if you’re ever in a situation where you need to bench press a car you’ll probably have to rely on adrenaline to help you out.

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Is strength physical or mental?  Or both?  Any CFer will tell you that they’re much stronger than they ever thought possible.  Part of it is the physical conditioning but most of it is probably from pushing beyond preconceived limits.  When you were on the treadmill / elliptical / weight-o-matic machine at the globo gym and you felt a little burning in your calf or lungs, you probably reigned it in.  But at CF you feel that burn and look to your fellow CFer who is undoubtedly still going, so you dig a little deeper!  And what do you know, eventually you don’t even notice your body trying to stop  you, in fact you’re the one that newbies look to when they start to feel it.  It’s a good feeling, no??  Keep up the good work, CFers!

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