We are temporarily adding classes to the CF schedule!


  • Our new instructor Hector will be adding to the Mon/Wed with Tuesday & Thursday 530am CrossFit as a trial run until early November. This will be in addition to the regular 530am Corps Fitness classes.
  • Hector will also be offering a FREE CrossFit intro on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of each month at 1pm, starting this Saturday 10/18.
  • ADDITIONALLY we’re doing Stay & Play at 930am on Tuesday and not Thursday.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to explore options for making Stay and Play part of our regular schedule.

Since 2007, Corps Fitness has taken a hybrid approach to our CrossFit programming and Hector has continued that but adding more to our current class formats.  Thank you, Hector!



Between Corps Fitness (CF) and CrossFit (XF)?

There’s only one Corps Fitness

Yes, we are a CrossFit affiliate (CrossFit Berks) and we enjoy seeing new or returning faces from traveling XFers.  But there’s only one Corps Fitness, and that’s just how we like it!

Regardless of the class you’re attending, you’re getting an entire hour of constant motion!  I’ve heard comments from people who say “I only come on xxx days because I like / don’t like the xxx workouts.”  Chime in: what do you see as the difference between Corps Fitness and CrossFit?  Is it a circuit or pods vs exercises listed on a board?   The mental aspect of not knowing what’s next?  Working in teams vs a more ‘at your own pace’ format?

PS – I know most CFers aren’t shy, but if you’re more of an emailer vs comment poster, you can email a response using this link.  We appreciate your feedback and strive to make every workout better than the last at CF!!




The Fall Contest consists of three hard-core (or should we say hard-Corps) workouts in three days!

Q: When is the fall contest?
A: Friday 10/18. Saturday 10/19 and Sunday 10/20.  3 workouts in 3 days, like a mini-Hero Week:

  • Friday at the end of FNL – incorporated into 5:30 class
  • Saturday afternoon – individual time slots starting in 10-minute intervals
  • Sunday at 3:30 PM – group workout / format


Q: What do you mean by 10-minute intervals?
A: Participants sign up for start times offset by 10 minutes.  Get there ahead of your start time to warm up on your own, set up and otherwise figure out what you’re doing.  The workout may last longer than 10 minutes, but start times are staggered in order to effectively track all participants.  Since earlier participants will still be working when you are starting, there will not be individual instruction for the movements, etc on Saturday.

Q: How advanced do I need to be to participate?
A: For Friday and Sunday, you’re expected to have a basic knowledge of all movements and formats.  These will be more CrossFit style workouts (think Hero Week): AMRAP / timed / #reps, etc.  Some instruction will be provided.  For Saturday, no individual instruction will be given.  You are expected to know the format and movements based on the written workout.  Choose a weight, warm up, etc on your own.  Timing and motivation will be provided.

Q: Can you clarify workout #2 (Saturday) again?
A: *Workout #2 is an individual workout, with little to no supervision, instruction. If you sign up, you should be proficient in all exercises. Competent in reading/understanding a workout written on a whiteboard. Confident in getting yourself set-up, ready to go. The time you sign-up for is the start time. Arrive early to understand the workout, get equipment set up, and get warmed up.*

Q: Do I need to sign up?  How?
A: A sign-up sheet for Saturday start times is on the whiteboard by the smokehouse.  You do not need to sign up separately for the Friday and Sunday workouts.  Friday will be part of the 5:30 PM class, and Sunday 3:30 just show up and be ready to work out at 3:30 as you would be for a typical class.

Q: Are the regular classes still running on Saturday and Sunday?
A: Yes, Saturday 8:30 AM, Sunday 8 AM and Sunday 1 PM classes are not affected and will be held per the normal schedule.




Hector and Linderman chasing down Hec’s son in the Pags 5k this Sunday. Thank you to all who came out to support the race, and thank you to Matt D for organizing! Kyle would be proud 🙂



Look at the similarity in the movements above.  Even though these are two seemingly different moves in terms of how the start and end points look, there are common features to both:

1. send the hips back to start the movement

2. keep the knees behind the toes

3. maintain the lumbar curve

4. use the legs to accelerate the weight

5. keep the head and neck neutral (better example in the KBs; the head in the push press is extended slightly too far.)  I’ll spare you the phrase some use as a deterrent from looking at the ceiling, but let’s just say it’s not something you’d want to look at.  Right Scott D?

The same basic theme prevails through all upright movements at CF!  Think about it.  From burpees to thrusters to snatches…  If you violate any of the items above, you’ve got something to improve on.

CrossFit’s Uncle Rhabdo

If you’re on social media, chances are you’ve read the article about “CrossFit’s Dirty Little Secret.”  And hopefully you’ve also read the rebuttal articles: this one on the Huffington Post and this one written by Mike Ray, an owner of CrossFit Flagstaff who is also an ER physician. (special shout-out to JJ who now works out at XF Flag and knows Mike Ray!!)

Yes, rhabdo exists and yes, it’s bad.  You might even know someone who’s had it.  The thing is, rhabdo is also preventable in the context of exercise.  It’s all about scaling and perfecting form before increasing intensity!

And then there’s this comment on the CrossFit main site:

“Well, that runs into what CrossFit is not, namely a dangerous, hyper-intense program that has a high injury rate, something too over-the-top for “regular” folks. Uh, uh. The real “dirty little secret” of CrossFit (if I may crib a rather recently famous phrase) is that scaling the stimulus and subbing in favor of more approachable movements is decidedly the norm in almost every setting where CrossFit is done. Technique. Then consistency. Then, and only then, intensity. Says so everywhere. Are there small pockets of CrossFit or CrossFitters who jump the gun and go straight to intensity? Sure. But that is hardly an indictment of the program, especially since the program and the company incessantly beat the drum: technique, then consistency, and only then intensity.”


In summary, we close today’s post with a quote from the infamous JJ:

“Check your ego at the door, drink water, rest, SCALE to your own ability.
You’ve evolved with a brain, use it! Rhabdo is no one’s fault but your own, take heed, don’t be stupid, you only have two kidneys but you can live with one, survival is NOT mandatory, so choose wisely…”



Men’s Fitness Magazine recently published a list of the 6 most brutal CrossFit WODs.  Making the list are the Filthy 50, Fran, Murph, The 7, Ryan and King Kong.

What do you think are the toughest workouts?  Mentally or physically or both?

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It’s time for the final push!  Use today to improve on what you did yesterday.  You still have over 1 week before the challenge ends!  For refreshers, review the videos from previous Wednesday posts: here or here

You can test out any time the week of 3/31 – 4/6 by grabbing a coach before or after class for an official count!

Kips – step 3: more on the swing / leaving the bar / feeling when to pull.  Notice how the coach is moving during the client demos; she is feeling the movement and her muscle memory is telling her body what to do when, even though she isn’t on the bar.  You’ll get there!

Kips – step 4: opening the hip to get over the bar, pushing away from the bar at the top

New video on muscle-ups – false grip demo