The plank is one exercise that used to be common to nearly every CF workout.  While its prevalence may have faded, its importance has not.  Legend goes that someone amongst us has held a plank for upwards of 4 minutes!  Try that on for size!

Form: Keep the core tight, shoulders directly above the elbows, butt down, head neutral.  Lock it in.

Pitfalls: Pushing back on the shoulders / butt in the air / head too far down or up

Variations: Plank on ball / plank on box / one foot or hand off the ground at all times



This week, come out and join in the fun during a full week of throwback, old-school Corps Fitness workouts.  Come out and remember what this place is all about: respect, teamwork, camaraderie, and pushing yourself beyond your preconceived limits while in the company of the finest group of people in Berks County!

5:30AM class getting it started right!

Also, in case you missed it:

  • Showers are up and running
  • Amy Sharkey is bringing yoga to Corps Fitness
  • New “All-abilities” classes are now available at NOON on Monday / Wednesday