Ammonia in your soda?  And other fun food facts!

Do you know what scary additives may be lurking in your food?  This topic was going strong on Livestrong this week – do some research on your own and find out what you’re really putting in your body!

More about what to avoid and where you can find it

It’s necessary for some people, and maybe you won’t know if you’re one of them until you try it, but if you don’t need to go gluten free, are you really doing yourself any favors?

Any time you start paying attention to any component of your diet, you will lose body fat and probably feel better (or at least more pious) simply by being more conscientious of what goes into your pie hole.”

Come out tonight at 6:30 and try some new recipes that fellow CFers put together; you might just find something you like!  And if you are making / bringing something, maybe consider bringing along a few recipe cards to share with everyone, or post your recipe to the blog!


1. Showers are now operational in the locker rooms!  Please bring your own bath towel.

2. Lockers will be available for monthly rental in the near future – you will be allowed to lock your locker.  A key or the combination to the lock must be provided to the front desk for access in case of emergency.

3. Remember – Jan 21-25 is Call to Action week!  Each day the classes will run the same classic, old school CF format.  Jan 25th we’ll have a potluck dinner / social gathering at 6:30pm.  Bring a paleo/4HB dish to share, and stick around to socialize with other CFers.  If you do an earlier Friday class, please come out and join us – it’s a great opportunity to get to know people from outside of your normal class.  Maybe it’ll get a little 5:30 am vs 5:30 pm rivalry going!

4. The livestrong challenge is going strong almost 1 week in!  Keep it up, everyone!!  And if you’re not in the challenge, stop by the livestrong blog to take a peek at the smack talk going around, then pick a team and cheer them on!



Did you over-indulge a bit this holiday season? Simply take your eye off the sugar intake? Or let your guard down all together?
Well here’s some group motivation to get back to simple, clean, paleo, no-sugar eating: A 4-week No Sugar Paleo Challenge.

  • CFers familiar with all this can go to the Fun Size group and start tracking food by Jan. 14. (The group is titled, “CF Fun Size Incentive Group Wt. Loss Chall.”)
  • Anyone new to this can attend a Paleo/No Sugar Diet Introduction on Sunday January 13 at 9am (after the Sunday Special).  Explanations of what to eat, how to logon to Livestrong, etc. To maximize performance at the gym, CF encourages everyone to eat clean and healthy. Participating in our No Sugar challenges is a great start!

**Log your “Weight In” on the sheet behind the desk by January 14. As usual, track your food every day at Livestrong, keep each other motivated!

  1. Mental toughness/discipline
  2. Cut calories/portions
  3. No sugar
  4. Eat clean…

Easy as (raisin) pie!

Also new to Corps Fitness in 2013 is a new yoga offering!

Amy Sharkey is bringing yoga to Corps Fitness.  The adult class is a vinyasa flow class (meaning movement with breath) that is intended and can be modified for all!!  This is a great way to get a deep stretch while still being active.  The breath work taught during the class is a calming strategy taught to reduce stress and to find calm in a busy world. Class ends with a well deserved rest in Corpse Pose.

The children and young adults’ classes (coming soon for children age 3+) are based on the vinyasa flow style but taught in a kid-friendly way.  Children and young adults will get a nice stretch and learn calming strategies to use in their daily lives.  We listen to music, play games, and  use visualization during the classes and end in a quiet pose to pull it all together.

The current class schedule is Tuesdays 8-9PM, Thursdays 6:45-7:45PM and Fridays 9:30-10:30AM, taught in the new yoga/spin room off the main workout area.  No experience necessary, and all levels/abilities are welcome!