chris January 11, 2011

“I’ll always be Number 1 to myself.” -Moses Malone
And CFers, you’re #1 to us!

How cool is it to be #1?
If you multiply a number by 1, you get that number…which is the same as not multiplying at all!…or…
1 x 1 = 1
11 x 11 = 121
111 x 111 = 12321
1111 x 1111 = 1234321…or…
“One love
One blood
One life
You got to do what you should
One life
With each other
One life
But we’re not the same
We get to
Carry each other
Carry each other”…or…

Escher Moebius II (1963)

Happy 11111!


From the Berry Health Benefits Network (click here for facts about specific berries)
“Scientists have found berries have some of the highest antioxidant levels of any fresh fruits (measured as ORAC), and kale and spinach are the only vegetables with ORAC values as high as fresh, delicious berries. Fresh berries are some of the most powerful (and delicious) disease-fighting foods available.

Color pigments in berries that are powerful antioxidants. Blue, purple, and red color has been associated with a lower risk of certain cancers, urinary tract health, memory function, and healthy aging.

Dietary Fiber
Found only in plant foods, fiber helps maintain a healthy GI tract, lowers blood cholesterol, reduces heart disease and may prevent certain types of cancers.

ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)
ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) values are a measure of the antioxidant activity. Specifically, it measures the degree and length of time it takes to inhibit the action of an oxidizing agent. Antioxidants inhibit oxidation which is known to have a damaging effect on tissues. Studies now suggest that consuming fruits and vegetables with a high ORAC value may slow the aging process in both body and brain. Antioxidants are shown to work best when combined; the presence of fiber and other plant compounds enhance the health benefit. For this reason, a nutraceutical source is a more viable antioxidant option than that of a dietary supplement.

Single servings of fresh or freshly cooked fruits and vegetables supply an average of 600-800 ORAC units. Scientists believe that increasing intake of foods that provide 2000-5000 units per day may be needed to increase serum and tissue antioxidant activity sufficiently to improve health outcomes.

Phytochemicals are naturally occurring antioxidants in plants that add flavor, color pigments and scent, and they are abundant in all types of fruits and vegetables, particularly berries.

The pigments that give berries their rich red to blue, black and purple colors are a type of phytochemical that has been shown to have significant disease-fighting, cell-protecting antioxidant capacity.

Salicylic Acid
The salicylic acid found in Oregon caneberries may prove to have the same protective effect against heart disease as aspirin. Aspirin is a closely related compound know to pharmacists as salicylic acid acetate. The therapeutic successes of small daily doses of aspirin to inhibit atherosclerosis suggest the possibility that salicylic acid consumed in foods may provide a similar benefit. A 100-gram serving (about 3 /4 cup) of red raspberries contains around 5 milligrams of salicylic acid.

Vitamin C
A water soluble vitamin that functions as a powerful antioxidant.”

For more berry good information:

chris January 6, 2011

Capture the Flag
Rope Climb/Jingle Jangle
Tire Flip/B&T Jump
Burpee/Broad Jump
Air Squat/OH Walking Lunge
Lsit/Bicycle Cr.
Bear Crawl/Jump PU


1) Eight: If you competed all 8 Hero WODs, please pick up your bag at the brochure table.

2) Great: The “Sunday Special” workouts are going to become more formalized. In an effort to promote the “Achievement” theme in 2011, form sessions and WODs executing those skills will be offered. These are going to be great opportunities for Beginners and Advanced CFers! Look for the link under Events. Always check the blog for updates.

3) Weight: Did you put on a few pounds the last month? Now that the pastries, pies, cakes, treats, cookies and general over-eating are gone, time to get back to your cruising weight?
Take these steps:

  • Commit to calorie restriction. Limiting caloric intake is the only way to lose weight. Structure your day appropriately (when will I eat, when definitely will I not eat, etc).
  • Clean house. Get rid of the crap that may have made it in over the holidays. No useless, empty wasted calories enter (house or mouth).
  • Shop like a Cave Person. Follow the CrossFit Paleo recommendation (clean lean meats, veggie, nuts/berries, fruit). Livestrong Paleo Shopping List, PaleoDiet Lifestyle Food List, and absolutely read this .doc by Robb Wolf at Crossfit NorCal  and then see this Shopping List.
  • Attend CF to enhance the process (big burns, build muscle).
  • Use online resources like Livestrong Daily Plate to hold you accountable. (Anyone who wants to play, go over to the CF Weightloss Group, post your weight…and let’s have a go at it!)
  • Why? Think of all the health benefits associated with being lean. Think of being a role model. Think of achieving a personal goal. Think of performing better at CF. Think of looking smokin’ in all that new CF gear.
  • It’s January 6…see you February 6. 1 month…lose what you can!
chris January 5, 2011

that the first Form post of 2011 is “Squats”?

A proper squat is considered the foundational movement for all other exercises. Balance, stability, flexibility (from achilles to shoulders), and core muscle control that will transfer nicely to just about everything else you do…not to mention the confidence to do them well.

As with everything, there are progressions. Goblet squat, Wall Squat, Heels Up, and as shown in the pic, Holding On are all acceptable ways to refine your squat. These adaptations allow you to adjust the level of assistance, and think about the muscles and the movement.

Visualize what these folks would have to do muscularly if they let go of the ring still maintaining that squat bottom…without falling back or dropping chest to thigh? Feel the achilles, hips, core, shoulders? Figure that out, and you’re on your way!

Do a few rounds of each on your own at home. Happy New Year.


Hero Week offers perspective. What that perspective turns out to be is unique to each of us.

This is a poster in our house. It’s taken from Carl Sagan’s address at Cornell University based on a famous picture taken by Voyager 1 in 1990. (Pale Blue Dot book)

But perspective is a funny thing, because perspective is all, well, perspective. Indeed, at times, Tiny Insignificance can humble us.  Then Grand, Meaningful Purpose can overwhelm us. Definitely. The performances and vibe of Hero Week, no doubt, had a powerful effect on this roller coaster of perspective.

On that note, here are the Hero Week Shout-Outs. First, every single person that attended any of the workouts put on outstanding performances, beyond their normal routine, and true to the spirit of HW…so congratulations and thank you to everyone.

Best Beginner Effort: Shannon…she was burnt out on Wed, but dug deep.
Best Teen Spirit: Jack D…totally motivated to finish…what were we doing at 13?
Rock Solid Award: Gretchen…quiet confidence and exquisite form…just getting it done!
Proof is in the Pudding: Axl…to go at his intensity level for 8 days is impressive. The big man can move.
The Energizer Bunny Award: Kate G…consistently ready, willing, able, and moving! Keeps going, and going…
What did I get myself into Award: Jan Dob…least usual suspect…huge performances…back to Shake Weights?
Best WOD: Pags — Barbarian…he’s a machine, but even that proved to be a brutal solo effort.
Spirit of Hero Week: DJ…the entire tone of HW was changed on Wed at the Barbarian when she started with the weight vest. Always motivating and firing others up.

If you completed all 8 WODs, please pick up your bag on the gym table. Shirts will be in later.

See you for Summer HW!