1) Sunday Special May 8 3pm, CrossFit Instruction w/ Chris E.

2) You are all so funny.

3) Sunday Special May 15 3pm: Complete Athlete Installment #2…try to dethrone Pags, DJ, DingDong…new exercises, same athleticism. Bring it!

4) That also means, for all you challenge-seekers, you can test out of the PULL UP INCENTIVE any class on May 13, 14, OR 15.


Consider the simple example, like a Team Fran…classic high intensity. Thrusters/Pullups…only anaerobic, right? Wrong. Cardio, big cardio.

Actually, the best of all worlds…training all the energy systems. Check out Crossfit Endurance. “Studies show that explosive, anaerobic training improves endurance capability.” (Explosive-strength training improves 5-km running time by improving running economy and muscle power. J Appl Physiol. 1999 May;86(5):1527-33.) (crossfit endurance).

Sometimes it takes a mental shift, a paradigm reversal, a leap of faith even to believe that these intense quick hitters translate into endurance. How? 1) Muscles that can mobilize fuel, 2) Efficient movement of the body, 3) Pain management.

So, sure, do your cardio…just make sure it’s a 12 min HI session! (and get plenty of rest so you can come back next time for high intensity!)

PS. Nice C2B pullups! And solid squats to everyone even if they weren’t pic’ed just right!

chris May 3, 2011

Pic 1: Wild bunch getting some during CF class
Pic 2: Complete the dialogue bubbles (post to comments)

IMABLE: “Hey, Gary, what do you think about a 5 AM class?”
Phillies: “Well Mildred, I think you’re a mental patient.”


A generous thanks to Ben for all he has done for CF. We appreciate your leaving home, friends and family with the dedication and commitment to serve. Thank you!

“All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom; justice; honor; duty; mercy; hope.” W. Churchill

chris April 30, 2011

Nonstop 30-30-30
A) Wtd Situp, KB crunch, Lsit; DB Swing, Neg Chinup, Jump PU
B) AC Squat, Air Squat Jump, Xover Lunge; Side Raise, Hearts, Iron Cross
C) Quick Step, MB Suicide, Jinglejangle; Thrusts, Burpees, B&T Tuck Jump
(suicides to rest after each board….?)

See last performed on 10/15/10.

Always good to see ML! Lookin’ good, brother!