chris June 5, 2011

CFers at the Gary W Redner Memorial 5k. Proceeds benefit Crime Alert Berks County and the American Cancer Society.  A great turnout, a very well run event. Best wishes to dear friends of CF, the Redners.

chris June 1, 2011

The 530am crew getting crazy…hardy har.
Hey, here’s a request from mfg: “Most of you know I joined a rollerderby team.  I am officially on the team now and am looking for a RollerDerby name.  Can be sassy, sexy, hellish…….most everyone knows me at CF.  I’d love to hear what CFer’s have to say.  Email me   (merefg96 at”


A) Pet Rock 5 rds (w/ 1 KB; 20kg/16kg)
10 Swings, 4 Get Ups, 10 Steps Ups, 200m Farmer’s Carry

21-18-15-12-9: SDHP, KTE, Dips


chris May 31, 2011

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”   – M. Ali

Please consider signing up for the 2nd Annual R U ABLE? 5k. Support RD Maggie Lawrence. Is that Maggie the 2011 Berks fastest 1600/3200m? Daughter of Mike…the guy chokin’ out George the Animal Steele in the pic at the gym…Lawrence? Exactly. Spread the word among and outside the CF family.

Hard copy registration forms at the gym. Or register online at

chris May 29, 2011

Adam Brown

CrossFit Hero WOD
24 DL, 24 Box Jumps, 24 Wall Ball, 24 Bench Press, 24 Box Jumps, 24 Wall Ball, 24 Cleans (for time)

Completed in CF Team fashion (groups of 3 rotate exercises on 24 Box Jumps)

Special Sunday Hero WOD
Special Sunday Visitors (not just Leibo, RT/KT, but….Sam S!)

Memorial Day (Monday) CF Schedule:
8am Cadence Run (park Wyo Pool)
9am Combined Class: Hero WOD MURPH (gym)

chris May 28, 2011

Warm Up
4 rds/Partners
400m, 50′ Low crawl/Knee Crawl/Bear Crawl, 25′ Broad Jump, 25′ Lunge, 15 PU

2min Majors:
Curl/Press/Toe Tap/Box Jump: Static Lunge
Swing/HP/Dip/PU: Tunnel of Pain
Crunch/Bbuster/MB Squat/MB Squat Jump: Bar Pass
JumpPU/Neg Chin Up/Burpee/Burpee: Windmill

Schedule Reminder:

Sunday May 29: Sunday Special pre-Memorial Day Workout, 3pm
Monday May 30: Memorial Day Workout
8am: Cadence Run (park Wyo Pool)
9am: Murph (at the gym)
(all other CF classes canceled)

chris May 27, 2011

Tired of not enough working out on the weekends?  Well, this Holiday Weekend hit for the cycle…3 Memorial Workouts.
Saturday May 28: Regular CF Schedule (8am Advanced, 9am Basic Training)
Sunday May 29: Special, 3pm
Monday May 30: Memorial Day Workout
8am: Cadence Run (park at Wyo Pool)
9am: Combined Class, Hero WOD Murph