chris March 5, 2011

Ring Row, Cr. Bridge, Jack Webb, Burpee (1min Jump Rope)
Hip Ext, Plank Sw Gate, Alt Superman, Alt Side Step (1min Suicide/BC)
Good Morning, Squats, Decline PU, B&T (1min Low crawl/Lunge)

Adam C…off to Navy Intel…8 mos at CF, down about 30lbs…a great addition to the CF family. Thank you for serving, Adam.

**Tomorrow Sunday Special Benchmark 1: This is not a standard class. This would be the format of an “Open CrossFit” time…warm up and WOD posted…3-2-1-Go! First come, first served (post-test people get first preference). If you want an early slot, show up early, get warmed up and be ready to go AT 1030AM.

Also, Spin/Krank class 1030AM.

chris March 4, 2011

For many of who have been coming in recently have seen the addition of the spin bikes to the Krankcycles and after just one class the interest has been amazing. Many of our workouts have incorporated the Krankcycles to our circuits so for those who haven’t experienced them check out the video.

We are working to incorporate the Spin/Krank classes to the regular schedule. If you’ve tried spinning, give the Kranks a try and if you’ve never done either stay tuned for more opportunities to come out and give it a go. This is definitely a new and exciting addition to the already established effective workouts we have at Corps Fitness and now for IM ABLE!


1) Saturday March 5: 830AM Class Only.
2) Saturday March 5: 930AM IM ABLE Handcycle Award
3) Sunday March 6: 1030AM Sunday Special Benchmark 1 (not a standard class format)
4) Sunday March 6: 1030AM Spin/Krank class. (Kranks still available)

chris March 3, 2011

1 min exercises: 4 suicide transition
Chaingun BC, Curl/Press, Beck’s Burpee, DB Clean, Seated Bic Cr, DB Swing/Tri Ext, Lumberjack, Bbar Cr


Sunday March 6, 10:30AM
Benchmark 1: Try to beat your time from January. If you didn’t do the “pre-test”…yes, you are welcome to show up and give it a go.

chris March 2, 2011

Mountain Climbers…just Mountain Climbers.

The emphasis on “good form” has been described in many fine ways (and cued very well at CF), but maybe none better than how Glasman of CrossFit puts it in his article “Fundamentals, Virtuosity, and Mastery.” He uses a gymnast analogy stating that the score of a routine would include originality, risk, and, virtuosity. The latter being the most important…and as he defines it, “performing the common uncommonly well.”

Unfortunately, he notes, novices will hurry to originality and risk…attempting exercises, techniques, movements that they can’t handle.

“The novice’s curse is manifested as excessive adornment, silly creativity, weak fundamentals and, ultimately, marked lack of virtuosity and delayed mastery.” (Glasman, G.)

Your form challenge is to return to fundamentals. Take those 8-10 basic, common exercises and movements…and do them uncommonly well.

Hit it, Maestro!

chris March 1, 2011

“The test is to recognize the mistake, admit it and correct it. To have tried to do something and failed is vastly better than to have tried to do nothing and succeeded.”   -Dale E. Turner

**NOTICE** The Sunday Special this week (3/6, 1030AM) is NOT a full class format. Only Benchmark 1 will be offered. All those who have times for Benchmark 1 ought to show up to “test out.” If you didn’t show up for the pre-test and would like to try this Benchmark, you are more than welcome to. The format will be “first come, first served” b/c we will have to share equipment.