chris June 29, 2011

Just found out yesterday that his orders were bumped up so please help us wish Army Lt. Rich Blank as he departs for Ft Benning, GA for training. He’s been a great addition to the CF family over the past months but duty calls and much respect for putting on the uniform. For those that have not worked out with him he is pictured below doing wallballs. Good luck Blank and go motivate the troops!!!!!


Give all these folks a shout-out for puttin’ in the practice!
2min. Challenge:
ChrisB 36
EricE 48
Axl 68
VanP 78
Weesa 83
MariaN 94
JanD 100

chris June 27, 2011

Summer makes us all think about more fresh veggies in our diet. Be sure to avoid as much pesticide exposure as possible.

“A rule of thumb is to avoid exposures that are a thousand times less than levels known to be toxic. A 2009 study led by EPA researcher Devon Payne-Sturges found that about 40% of U.S. children have levels of one type of pesticide well above this 1,000-fold margin of exposure.” (webmd article)

See the Dirty Dozen vs Clean 15 here.

Read about pesticide exposure here.

chris June 26, 2011

On June 26, 2011 IM ABLE along with a group of great friends and supporters helped to present our newest grant recipient Mike King his own One-Off mountain handcycle. To help him realize what was possible with this rig, we took him to the Pinnacle in Hamburg, PA that Chris Kaag hiked for the first time last year, and the result was the same. True joy to where he could go despite his disability. This hike is an 8 mile round trip and comprises some steep and rocky terrain. With the help of our friends we were able to traverse the last 50 yards over a boulder field to reach the summit in less than 2 hours!!

This group was made up of all ages and all showed their determination showing the true spirit of IM ABLE. For someone who have a life changing disability or one who lives with a challenge, this day will hopefully showcase the rewards of adapting an active lifestyle and can-do spirit. Whether you can walk or use adaptive equipment to overcome using your arms, IM ABLE wants to show anything is possible and we hope we can share that simple joy of getting out and MOVING to realize what IS possible!

Take a look at the Gallery for other pictures from this memorable day!!

chris June 24, 2011

holla back girl.
Chaotic Corps Fitness
KTE, Walkabout, Crunch, True Pull Snatch, Wtd Sit Up, Bttrfly Jump, Pistol, BC/Sprint, B&T, Threaded Lunge
End: Plank/Lunge Fest

Stay on top of the CF Schedule:
1) IM ABLE Pinnacle Hike, 830am, Sunday June 26
2) Sunday Special, 10am, Sunday June 26
3) Sunday Special, 9am, Sunday July 3….GRING’S MILL WORKOUT!
4) Holiday Special, Monday, July 4th, 7-8am (all other classes cnx)
5) First Family Class Tomorrow June 25, 10am! See link in right frame for Youth/Family Camps
6) Double Under Incentive Test Out (June 27, 28). Either show your 10 DUs in a row (beginner) or compete for most DUs in 2 minutes (advanced).