Selfless Loyalty has been the theme in all the comments about Pags.

Alhough we all knew he was the best athlete in the gym, we didn’t know how we knew because he carried a simple, quiet confidence. Finishing first, finishing fastest, getting his name on the whiteboard were secondary to the “experience” of Corps Fitness. In fact, to know Pags at CF is to know that the group efforts, where he could Selflessly commit his energy to a cause greater than himself, are what motivated him.
And whether Sunday Specials, Hero Weeks, Incentives, Holiday Workouts, or any other CF events, he was there, Loyal, and ready to go! Pags is a true CFer (video).

All week long you can contribute some $$ to the Pags Fund bucket…CF will then cut a check to the Kyle Pagerly Memorial Fund. We start off, today, at 7AM with a big 4th of July Workout!

Also, sign up for the Survive the Smoker Incentive…spots are filling fast (consider it unfinished business)!

chris July 3, 2011

Here it is (Tennis Karen, follow along closely)
Dynamic moving warmup
BC/Lunge Drill (3 mins)
Warm Up: 50 JJs, 20 Bbuster, 20 Crossover Toe Touch, 20 Lying JJ, 20 Bicycle Crunch
Circuit: Dips, Step Up Lunge, Tunnel Rows, Mtn Climbers, Quick Step, Hang Run, Alligator Push Up, Pike/Lsit, B&T Slide, Vtwist, Box Drill (Run, Side Hop), Frog Leg Crunch
300m Squad Rush: 10 meters alternate Sprint, BC, Lunge
End in Sand Pit: Low Crawl 20meters
20 Sand Rolls (roll left, roll right = 1)
78 second hand plank

Tomorrow: Monday July 4th, 7AM Special…1st dayat CF to donate $$ to the Kyle Pagerly Fund…let’s get out of bed and make it a big one. (Of course, the bucket will be out all week for $$ donations if you happen to be away for the holiday.)

Incentive: Survive the Smoker sign up…spots are filling fast. Click on the Incentive link and read Pags’ last comment. This is not a pre/post test. This is one and done…can you survive? Nat kindly lent her rower…so we can have 2 people at each time slot now! Whoo hoo…let’s fill it up with some challenge seekers!

chris July 2, 2011

First, a few in this pic show the proper bottom of a Locomotive. A few show proper plank in Lying JJs. Work the form.

A) Monkey Bars, Thrusters, Handwalk, Star Jump, Plankwalk, Becks Burpee
B) Crawls, Goblet Squat, KB Get Up, Star Jump, Suicide, Slamball

Important Notes:

1) Kyle Pagerly Memorial Fund has been set up at the Berks County Sheriff: Corps Fitness will accept donations all week…starting with the JULY 4th WORKOUT at 7AM. Let’s make that a big workout and have a great showing to start off the week. A donation bucket will be by the Pags board (Friday 8th last day). CF will then make a mass donation to the fund.

2) JULY INCENTIVE: Survive the Smoker. Now you might be thinking, “That’s not for me” “I don’t know if I can survive 12 minutes of pain” “I’m not motivated to do it” “I’m not into the CF Incentives.” Here’s what you do. Click on the CF Incentive icon in the right frame. Scroll down and read PAGS’ last post ever from the day before he was shot. Guaranteed your ass will be signed up before the weekend is over…we’re here. He’s not.


4) MONDAY JULY 4…7AM WORKOUT…begin donations to the Kyle Pagerly Fund…let’s start it off right!

chris June 29, 2011

Just found out yesterday that his orders were bumped up so please help us wish Army Lt. Rich Blank as he departs for Ft Benning, GA for training. He’s been a great addition to the CF family over the past months but duty calls and much respect for putting on the uniform. For those that have not worked out with him he is pictured below doing wallballs. Good luck Blank and go motivate the troops!!!!!