chris August 18, 2011

William Billy Koprince, 24, died Dec. 27 2006 when a roadside bomb exploded as he walked a foot patrol near Al Habbaniyah in Iraq’s Anbar province. He was a month away from coming home when he was killed.  He had planned to go to school after getting out of the Corps, but never got that chance.

Described as exceptional in that quiet, confident way, his platoon commander said, “He was always the one you could turn to if you needed something done. He did what he needed to do and what he didn’t have to do. I wouldn’t have hesitated for any minute to put my life in his hands.”

“He was a good Marine, a good son and a good friend. He wanted to be a grunt, and he wore that name proudly.” 
 -Billy’s father

Get ready to honor that attitude!
WOD: Helton
3 rds
800m, 30 Squat Cleans, 30 Burpees

Being Thursday and all, some quick updates:
***REMEMBER: Classtimes today 530A, 830A, 530P
***T-shirts still available to order! Order form at the gym. Proudly wear the Keystone Wounded Warrior logo. Thanks for your support!
***Friday last day to post your attendance for Sat Aug 20 and suggest an exercise (either at Facebook event page  or post comment here). See CF Incentive page (random winner selected wins 5 class punchcard!)
***35 already confirmed for Sat Aug 20 Keystone Wounded Warrior Donation WOD.

chris August 17, 2011

First, tomorrow (Thursday) Hero Week sessions offered during regular Thursday classtime:
530A, 830A, 530P

OK, great work on Mr. Joshua. Everyone pulled their weight!

Keystone Wounded Warrior reps fire up the AM classes with personal stories about Christopher Hrbek.

Great work today…way to come together, leave it all on the mats, and go heavy!


“He never knew doubt. He never knew the phrase ‘I can’t.’ Chris lived his life the way most people only wish they could.”
       -Lori Hrbek, sister

Awarded the Bronze Star (an excerpt from the award ceremony):

“On 23 December 2009 enemy forces engaged Sergeant Hrbek’s dismounted patrol from multiple directions.  He quickly assessed the situation and boldly maneuvered his squad to a tactical advantage to effectively engage the enemy.  While readily moving under enemy fire, Sergeant Hrbek skillfully led his squad while they suppressed the enemy, allowing the remainder of the patrol to maneuver from the enemy engagement area.  During pursuit of the enemy, a patrol member stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device resulting in the immediate amputation of the victim’s legs.  Without hesitation and at great risk to his own life, Sergeant Hrbek left his covered position while moving under enemy fire and IED threat to assist the casualty.  He expertly applied tourniquets and pressure dressings, saving the victim’s life.  After evacuating the injured Marines, Sergeant Hrbek continued the mission and led his patrol to address an IED discovered the previous day.  On 14 January 2010, Sergeant Hrbek’s vehicle patrol struck an IED.  He was mortally wounded by a subsequent IED blast while moving about the patrol to assess the tactical situation and the condition of his Marines.  By his zealous initiative, courageous actions, and exceptional dedication to duty, Sergeant Hrbek reflected great credit upon himself and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.”

Mr. Joshua:
5 Rds
30 Glute Ham Sit Ups
15 Deadlifts

chris August 16, 2011

What a day (and I think I say this every Hero Week)! Easily one of the best days of Intensity and Special Efforts…ever! We must have had 80 people go through the gym today! Awed by every class…Blake, plain and simple, a beatdown and everybody got some…appropriate for today’s Honor Roll.

Capt Johnson rallies the 930A class with his inspired bio of Sgt. Maj. Mercardante. (btw, could have been the biggest 930A class ever)
Day 3 we do some pullin’: Mr. Joshua

3 days in…do some Zen Corps Fitness…IN the moment, every round, every rep…focus ON what you are doing IN the moment.


Marine 1st Sgt. Luke Mercardante was killed in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan when an IED detonated beneath his Humvee. As battalion sergeant major, at the time it was the death of the highest ranking enlisted Marine in Afghanistan.

Sgt. Mercardante graduated from Parris Island, served in deserter apprehension, served as a drill instructor, and was assigned as VMI’s Marine officer instructor. He was known by other Marine’s as “the type of man and Marine that anyone would follow until drawing their last breath.”

In a letter to his sister, he wrote “I want no person to ever feel sad or pity for me or my Marines as we endure hardship and sacrifice, as this is our calling with the unknown outcome being of God’s master plan.”

Blake: 4 Rds
100 Ft. OH Walking Lunge
30 Box Jumps
20 Wall Ball

chris August 15, 2011

Lots to follow along here:
*Dedication to Pags, his absence a solemn reminder.
**Then Capt. Johnson from India Battery US Marine Reserve Training Center led off the PM class with a tribute to his friend on the Honor Roll, Matt Vandegrift…it was tough to keep a dry eye on the warm up lap. Reps from the Marines/KWW will be at a variety of classes across the week. If you don’t catch up with them during the week, definitely give them a big Thank You on Saturday.

***Speaking of Saturday. Please go to the Facebook event page and indicate if you will attend the Saturday Wounded Warrior Donation WOD. We have 22 so far, expect all 32 who signed up for the package certainly, and many, many more! We’d like to get a headcount, generally. Let’s kick it CF style folks. If you don’t do Facebook (good for you!), then you can just post a comment here saying you’ll attend.

****Lastly, Daniel is a smack in the face on Day 1. If you weren’t tasting blood, then you got problems. Awesome, awesome effort. Big form on the Thrusters! Stellar Pull Ups…Weesa One Hundred to start the week! And the usual CF support and encouragement from start to finish. Keep on gettin’ some!
Tomorrow…Blake. It’ll only hurt as much as you want it to!


Marine 1st Lt. Matthew R. Vandegrift was killed in Basra Iraq April 21 2008 when a bomb exploded near his vehicle. He was part of a team of Marines that trained the Iraqi military in Basra.

Memorial quote: “Though he died a true American hero, it was the way he lived his life that set him apart from the others … with loyalty, honor and civic duty.”

50 Pullups, 400m, 21 Thrusters, 800m, 21 Thrusters, 400m, 50 Pullups

chris August 14, 2011

“It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.” -JC Stamp

Starting tomorrow. 7 days on!

Hero Week Notes:
1) 3 classes every day to run the Hero WOD (early AM, mid morning, PM)
2) 7-9a Open CrossFit will NOT run the Hero WOD. Skills time only.
3) Mark Sat Aug 20 9AM, for the Keystone Wounded Warrior Donation WOD. Spread the word. Check out the new Incentive.

chris August 13, 2011

Well pour me a mug of Country Time Lemonade! Awesome and Axl at the same class…ah, hankerin’ for the old days! But the future looks bright, too…great job CF Kids!

We say it over and over. CF is defined by the people. People who have Attitude, Intensity, Motivation (even…Levitation…rest in the air) to put all the catchphrases and taglines into motion…all walk, no talk! A great day to see the CF Family come together! Thank you, CFers…we appreciate it!

Check out the SmugMug Gallery

To further show our appreciation, here’s an easy INCENTIVE. Go to the CF Facebook Event page that explains our Keystone Wounded Warrior Donation Hero WOD. Indicate if you are attending and drop a note on the wall of that event page including the exercise you would love to see in that KWW Donation AMRAP WOD. Random winner selected on Friday Aug 19, 5pm (by order of entry). Winner receives 1 free 5-class punchcard!!!

chris August 12, 2011

Let’s do Sunday CFer Shout Out today. This guy’s first class was Fight Gone Bad…and he came back the next day! (sorry, these are the only “before” pics we could find). From steppin’ out of warm-ups and barely hangin’ on…

…to 20lb weight vest pullups and first one out the door!

A success story–unleashing the athlete that’s in there…execution of diet and intensity!  If you’re trying to rip those last 10-15 lbs, or lose that last coating of fat covering those lean, veiny muscles, Ed may be a good resource; whatever he’s been doing, it shredded him down…great work Ed and thanks for everything you bring to CF!

Friday Workout
Buy In/Cash Out:
Mod Rope Heave, Box Jump, Lmbrjk: Shoulder PU
Slides, Push Press, MB Twist: StagLeg Squat
JM Row, JJ2BT, TraceBox: 15 Bicycle Cr.

End: Beloved (and old school) Bear Crawl Drill