chris June 29, 2011

Just found out yesterday that his orders were bumped up so please help us wish Army Lt. Rich Blank as he departs for Ft Benning, GA for training. He’s been a great addition to the CF family over the past months but duty calls and much respect for putting on the uniform. For those that have not worked out with him he is pictured below doing wallballs. Good luck Blank and go motivate the troops!!!!!


Give all these folks a shout-out for puttin’ in the practice!
2min. Challenge:
ChrisB 36
EricE 48
Axl 68
VanP 78
Weesa 83
MariaN 94
JanD 100

chris June 27, 2011

Summer makes us all think about more fresh veggies in our diet. Be sure to avoid as much pesticide exposure as possible.

“A rule of thumb is to avoid exposures that are a thousand times less than levels known to be toxic. A 2009 study led by EPA researcher Devon Payne-Sturges found that about 40% of U.S. children have levels of one type of pesticide well above this 1,000-fold margin of exposure.” (webmd article)

See the Dirty Dozen vs Clean 15 here.

Read about pesticide exposure here.