chris October 10, 2011

The Kyle Pagerly Memorial 5k is Sunday the 16th. We are going to bake something for the post-race table. Currently 600 runners registered. So, we’ll all bake up a batch of cookies, brownies or bars and between us all we’ll stock the table very well. I’m in for 24-30 oatmeal cookies. Email me what you will supply so I have a gauge.
You can get the goods to the race in 1 of 3 ways. 1) Drop off at the gym on Fri/Sat. 2) Drop off at the Spring Twnship FD on Saturday after 1pm (we’ll be there prepping for the race) 3) Bring Sunday morning to the post-race table.
[Please only use packaging that you don’t want returned].
Thank you for donating your time this week to the Pags 5k!

Also, see the gallery of pics from the Fall Contest.

chris October 9, 2011

Why’s it called the Attitude Adjustment? There is no stepping out…there is no balking at the pain…there is no one who escapes…absolutely brilliant execution folks! The definition of CrossFit!


If you see these folks who pushed through 3 nights of CrossFit pain, give them a shout-out.

Sunday CFer shout out…do you love CF? 

chris October 8, 2011

Friday was the burn. Today the smolder. Tomorrow the scintillation!

Sunday Special: Complete athletes…dazzle everyone with the basics! Go fast!
Start: 10 10m of Death
10 Pullups
10 Swing
10 Wallball
10 Burpee
10 OH Lunge Steps
End: 10 10m of Death

chris October 7, 2011

Saturday Night Fever:
Sprint/CinderBlock Carry
21-15-9 Box Jump, Push Press, Goblet Squat
Cinder Block Carry
9-15-21 Box Jump, Push Press, Goblet Squat
Cinder Block Carry

Sweet dreams…phreaks!


Friday Night Lights
4min Tabata Spin
15 SDHP, 15 Pushups, 15 KTE
2min Tabata Spin
15 SDHP, 15 Pushups, 15 KTE
2min Tabata Spin
15 SDHP, 15 Pushups, 15 KTE
2min Tabata Spin
15 SDHP, 15 Pushups, 15 KTE

This should be interesting…fast paced start to the Contest. Everyone will spend the same amount of time on the bike pushing the HR. So the difference will be made up on the exercises. Limit recovery, control the HR and avoid having to do more reps (yes, you will hear “no rep”) to post the fastest times! Classic CrossFit definition of world class fitness: “keep workouts short and intense.” These times should be close…this will be an exciting pace! Good luck.


If you are participating in the Fall Contest, be sure to show up early….get warmed up, look at the white board for instructions, set up your weights/equipment….and be ready to 3-2-1-GO!
Good luck!

Night 1 will be posted later!

chris October 4, 2011

“One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised.” -Chinua Achebe

Need an evening workout this weekend? Fall Contest slots still open. Even if you can only make one or two, sign up and come on out. Signup sheet on the whiteboard (you have to sign up to participate, no walk-ins, we’re running 8 people per heat). Also, if you want to say Hi to Sam, she’s making the trip up and will be at the Fri, Sat, and Sun evening workouts.

chris October 3, 2011

I could have done more. I could have done so much more.

“Be impressed by Intensity, not Volume.”
-G. Glasman, CrossFit founder


Fitness and athleticism across broad domains are only obtained through efficiency and intensity.

chris October 2, 2011

Chilly tribute event put on by the Friends of Kyle Pagerly…very well done everyone!
Sunday Special…Corps Fitness circuit
Bicycle Cr, ACP, Flutter Kick, PullUps, Skater, MB Twist, Jack Webbs, ACS, Mod Plank, MB Thruster
End: Triple Threat 4 min B&T/BC Drill