chris July 25, 2011

Good ex of extended knees on DUs…most “jump” action comes from ankle, knees neutral (simple relaxed athletic position)…and fast, fast hands!

2 rds:
50 DUs, 40 Sit Ups, 30 Swings, 20 Wall ball Run 100m 20 Wall Ball, 30 Swings, 40 Sit Ups, 50 DUs

Congrats James, Kristi, Joanne and Christine on their 1st Double Unders!!!!

chris July 24, 2011

WOD: 1 rope climb, 21-15-9 OHSquat, Dips,  1 rope climb

Hydration by Coach Sam:

A little bit on dehydration and staying hydrated:

What is Dehydration?

Most people don’t recognize dehydration until they are thirsty, at which point, it’s “too late” to beat dehydration and now you are fighting back to a hydrated state.  Dehydration occurs most often because of not drinking enough water throughout the day and during and after a workout. Not only are you sweating out water, but also electrolytes that keep our bodies balanced. Dehydration is very easily avoided but also very common in the summer due to an increase in activity and warmer weather.

How to Hydrate Properly

Drinking water throughout the day is vital, but also, refueling your electrolytes after a workout or activity.  Coconut water is a great post workout drink or add an electrolyte tablet to 16oz of water at least once per day.  Not only will this help hydrate you, but will help rid you of any headaches (caused by dehydration), and refuel the electrolytes you’ve lost through sweating, breathing, etc.

For more info on Hydration check this link out:

chris July 22, 2011

Auspicious? 3 lanes, 3 exercises, 3 rds…3 CFers!

KTE, Squat Frt Raise, Box Drill
Contralateral PU, Bbar Cr, TGU (top-down)
B&T MB Press, KB HP, Rvg Plank

Have a great weekend!


for the end of Summer…say it ain’t so!

1) CF Kids/Family programming last few weeks. 9-12 yr old camp 7/25; U8 yr old camp 8/1; final Family Saturday and party 8/13.

2) Hero Week sign up/order form goes up on Monday 7/25. Mark your calendars for Summer Hero Week 2011:  Aug 15-Aug 21. If you can’t commit to all the WODs…be sure to show up Saturday Aug. 20 for the Keystone Wounded Warrior donation WOD!


WOD: Tabata Something Else
Pull Up, Spin, Swing, Sit Up, Push Up

It still blows peoples’ minds…that a 4 min-20 on-10 off (yes, working 3 out of the 4 mins) protocol can get you to run faster/longer, jump higher, lift heavier, lose weight, get ripped…whatever the fitness goal. It is so counter to our beliefs about more-more, more time in the gym, more miles on the road…more, more, more to get less, less, less.
Less is more…and the Tabata protocol is the best example. In fact, it’s a helpful definition of the high intensity work we do at CF.

Here’s another 3 out of 4: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome (also, since smugmug video is not cooperating, we’ll be posting vids through youtube we can watch here at the blog…you can view these?)

chris July 19, 2011

The rain came and cooled it to 102 and thick in the gym.

Do this…2 rds
B&TSlide, SlamBall, Ladder/BC, StepUpLunge, Drop PU, Swing, VanPhams, Sprint 400m

Then do this…
Team Fran

Then do this…


“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.” -Etty Hillesum

In the myriad interpretations of this quote , be sure to include “The most important part of your fitness/workout/training program are the Rest/Recovery days.” Give those legs and arms a break. Feel what it’s like, the enjoyment, liberation, intensity, when you workout on fresh legs at CF!

chris July 18, 2011

It’s a weird world. You know…sitting, thinking…”even a monkey could make up a Monday Did You Know…I’m drawing a blank, what don’t we know for a ‘did you know’ post?”…then BING BONG…you have mail! Shazam. Thanks SD

5 rds
10 Push Press
20 Double Unders