Maintain the Lumbar Curve. Lock the midline down, then fight it. Basically, it requires “doing abs” the entire class. Squat, lift, press, push, jump, pull…midline stability…good abs…great form.

Work it for two weeks, not surrendering the lumbar curve on various movements…feel your “core” respond, and your back will then thank you!

chris April 5, 2011

“The first requisite of a good citizen in this republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his own weight.”  -T. Roosevelt

1) Physical Incentive for April Aspirations: Pull Up Club…we have people signed up for  “1st Pull Up” all the way to “50”…that’s really cool. Something for everyone, always! We’ll extend the test dates into May a little to give everyone a chance to get instruction on the “kip” and then practice and get stronger. Please find time to get to the gym and learn the kip. Also, grip strength is crucial…hanging, deadlifts, and heavy 1 hand swings are good for this. (Remember: You must sign up by April 8 to show commitment to learning the kip, practicing, and developing strength…no last minute folks on this incentive!)

2) NEW BLOG SEARCH INCENTIVE for April: OK, last month you all made good guesses on the Form post, but were all incorrect. The best FORM post ever was here!:) Congrats to Pags who scored the free 5-class punchcard!
Your new incentive is posted. Click on the CF Incentive link to the right. Same concept, browse the blog, post a comment on the Incentive page and hope you are randomly selected for the free 5-Punch card!

3) Mark your calendars for this Sunday Special, April 10, 330PM. Special class with guest CrossFit coach, Chris Espinosa, from CrossFit Simi Valley. You’ll be seeing Chris around the gym. So please come on out Sunday to meet Chris as he leads you through a class (you know…a good ol’ Corps Fitness welcome). What to expect: Gets some different tips and hints on CrossFit skills from another coach, learn some things to take with you to Corps Fitness classes, and have a great workout! Chris is also very well versed in Paleo (having a CrossFit Nutrition Certification, too)…so please show up with your questions about strength/conditioning, Paleo-diet, and performance (well, after the WOD, that is)!

chris April 2, 2011

5 on a side Transition w/ wt.
DB Punch, Hack Squat/Raise, GdMrng, Hollow Rock, Drop PU
KB Squat, Dynamic V, Box JJ, Curl/Press, Xover Lunge

K2E…K…2…E…perfecto! It’s different than “hanging knee raise”…put those hip flexing exercises (thrusts, bicycle crunch, steam engines, etc) to good work!

1030: Krank/Spin
1030: Class/Benchmark #3
1130-ish: Kipping Instruction

chris April 1, 2011

OK, maybe not Noon, but Mid-Morning. Everyone gettin’ their INTENSITY fix!

Plus a special 28 B-day Burpees…attagirl!

Remember, Sunday Special 1030AM. Also, plenty of KIPPING INSTRUCTION/PRACTICE if you need it…especially as it pertains to the APRIL INCENTIVE!!

chris March 31, 2011

1) April 3 Sunday Special 1030A: Benchmark #3 (Pull Ups, Pushups, Run)…it’s a short WOD, we’ll do a significant warm up/class prior…so come on out!
****Kipping Instruction at 1130 for anyone doing the April Incentive.

2) Class Format Change: Wednesday 530AM…CrossFit (Matt)

3) Register for the Keystone Wounded Warrior 5k on May 1. Also, if interested in doing it Cadence Run Style with Chris, sign the sheet at the gym.

4) New Sunday Special added April 17 3-4p…Are you the CF Complete Athlete Class?(click icon in right frame).

5) New Incentive: April Aspirations…Yes, indeed, Pull Ups! You must be signed up by APRIL 8 to participate (click icon in right frame).

chris March 30, 2011

Congrats to everyone who took on a personal challenge with the Rope Climb Incentive during March!

Be sure to click on the Incentive icon soon (like around April 1) to see the April Aspiration Incentive…