A Running Start and Corps Fitness are teaming up to bring Inov 8 representative David Hanys to Corps Fitness on Saturday March 15th from 8am-10:30am.

You’ve seen CFers wearing Inov 8 shoes, and maybe even have a pair yourself, but did you know that Inov 8 is a grass-roots company founded in the UK?

“Inov 8 is devoted to providing the highest quality footwear to their athletes and designs footwear to celebrate the grit and glory of their athletes. Inov 8 believes in the beauty of natural running and footwear, taking running and fitness back to its most innate form. This relies on the strength of the athlete’s foot instead of shoe’s cushioning and support.”

Their products are designed to be lightweight, minimal and functional.

Since 2004 Inov 8 has sponsored the World Mountain Running Association and continues to promote and support grass roots competitions and events across the globe.

At the event, ARS and David Hanys will go into even further detail about all the shoes Inov 8 can offer for a range of different activities.  On the day of the event and going forward after the event of Corps Fitness members will receive 10% off all their shoe purchases through ARS.

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Starting March 10th

NEW Open Gym Times at Corps Fitness
*Open to unlimited members and regular check in required*

M-F 630am-9am

T, Th, Fri 11am – 1pm

Sat 930am-11am

These Open Gym times are intended to provide additional opportunities to utilize the space and equipment in Bldg 7. These times will be available only to those who have Unlimited Memberships and will be an open format as opposed to the structured class format.

You are responsible for performing workouts that you are familiar with or have had instruction on. This is NOT meant to be time to work on unfamiliar moves such as Oly lifts and more advanced moves unless you already are proficient on the form.

As with everything we do it is up to each individual to work together and make the time useful and effective. We will be evaluating the effectiveness of these times as we move forward so please provide feedback about the current offerings and possible additional times and structures.

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Corps Fitness is Berks County’s official Marine Corps Training Facility.  We proudly welcome men and women who are training to join the ranks of our nation’s finest!

Next Saturday, 3/15, at least 50 Marine Corps poolees will be performing their Initial Strength Testing (IST) at 9AM, run by Marines and separate from the 9:30 class.  At 10:30, Sgt Kaag will return to his boot camp roots by leading the poolees through an additional hour-long CF workout.  Stick around if you can, and see what it’s all about!


*Apparel orders due tomorrow!  Don’t delay: represent CF outside of Building 7 with your new CF gear!  Orders can be placed and paid for at the front desk.  Deadline is TOMORROW 3/7!

CF gear is always high-quality, comfortable for workout or everyday wear, and of course, some of the most stylish gear you’ll own!  Photos of the apparel available with the current order are below.  Descriptions and pricing are included on the order forms at the front desk:

Full Zip CCoal Graphite and Maroon Mil Green Hoodie

Grey with Piping Kids W White

Green Hoodie Performance Thermal 

M SwPants W Yoga pants


Starting this Saturday at 7AM: Intermediate / Advanced CF Class

  • 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29: Saturday 7 AM CF Interm/Adv. Class demo

Later this month:

  • 3/15: Inov8 representative and A Running Start visiting CF, CFers may try out shoes during 8:30 AM class // Marine Corps poolees testing at 9AM and working out with C. Kaag at 10:30AM // Benchwarmers coffee (local vendor from West Reading farmers’ market) on hand after 8:30 class
  • 3/16: St Patty’s Day workouts at 8 AM and 1 PM
  • 3/23: 8 AM class moved to 9:15AM, will be held on the FitU side

Weekend instructors:

  • Friday 5:30PM: John
  • *Saturday 7AM: Matt
  • Sunday 8AM: Matt
  • Sunday 1PM: John



Form work tonight from 6:15 – 6:40 will be Knees to Elbows (K2E) and Toes to Bar (T2B).  If you have time, please review some form basics using the following link before coming to the form session.

K2E Link 1

Form work next week will be on kettlebells.  Use the following links to review!
KBs Link 1
KBs Link 2

Big weekends coming up this month!!  Here’s a preview:
1. Based on feedback during the “From CF with Love” event, we’ll be demo-ing a 7AM class running every Saturday from 3/8 – 3/29 (Intermediate/Advanced Corps Fitness, Matt instructing).  If attendance is strong enough, we’ll keep it as an official class.
2. A Running Start will be visiting CF on Saturday 3/15 before and after class to demo Inov8 shoes: Get sized, try out some shoes, and save if you make a purchase.  More info to come!

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From Chris:

Tom Kaag was born 1/2/54 and went to parade rest 3/4/12. Tom became a US Marine, following in his father’s and brother’s footsteps. He inspired my brother Eric & me to achieve the same and the Kaags each became Sergeants of Marines. Tom “Pop” was an air traffic controller in the Marine Corps as well as a licensed private pilot, which embodied his passion for aviation. He was a foundryman after his stint in the Marine Corps and worked hard to provide for his 6 kids. It was evident that his true passion in life was his family and while he lived a pretty simple life, seeing the joy in his face at family functions at the head of the table with all his kids, significant others and grandkids made this his true legacy. He raised all his kids to be independent, respectful and confident individuals and work hard at whatever you do. Being a father now makes it even clearer how much he cared about and how much he would do for all of us. He volunteered and helped with anything his kids were involved with and no matter what he was doing if you needed him he was there.

Today I want to honor Pop through the legacy of his family. He was the creator of the name Corps Fitness back in 2004 so today’s workout reflects the way we started and embodies all the different personalities of his sons Eric and Patrick and daughters Kelly, Emily and Katie, each unique in their own right but all are a reflection of being raised by a great father. The workout begins with Diane his wife of 20 years. Corps Fitness would not be here if my pop didn’t have faith in me and my abilities.  His support made me see the potential to make this happen.


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As of 10 PM 3/2/14, 5:30 AM class 3/3/14 will be held at the normal time.  Please stay tuned to the blog and facebook for additional updates.



Remember to stay tuned to the blog and to check this link or the calendar posted in the gym for schedule updates!

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March Highlights:
All month: Boots and Utes
3/3: Hero workout for Tom Kaag
3/8: 7 AM Class with Matt (demo-ing this class through the end of March)
3/15: 7 AM Class with Matt
3/15: Inov8 visit, try out shoes during 8:30 AM class
3/16: St Patty’s Day workouts at 8 AM and 1 PM
3/22: 7 AM Class with Matt
3/23: 8 AM class moved to 9:15AM, will be held on the FitU side
3/29: 7 AM Class with Matt