New Year’s Day morning?

That was a truly dedicated tribute. Teamwork, intensity, and suffering to be proud of.

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog this HW. Maybe just alot to take in, or maybe just sore hands?

Let’s start some reflections on the week(add yours to comments):
1- It was inspiring learning a bit about the lives of these outstanding women warriors.
2- It was inspiring to watch the outstanding CF women honor those outstanding women.
3- If you see the weight vest on the floor, put it on.
4- Better yet…don’t let the vest hit the floor.
5- “225 pull ups left” was a consolation.
6- Going from Burpees to Lsits can make you pass out.
7- “F@%k-ing, f%^k-edy, f^#k, f@#k” isn’t technically an appropriate response to “Are you alright?”
8- When we say, “That doesn’t look so bad on paper,” expect it to be very, very bad.
9- It’s amazing what we can do when we really, really want it.
10- Triathlon “options”…yeah, right.
11- Only CFers…what a truly awesome group of people. Happy New Year!


Army 2nd Lt. Emily J. T. Perez died Sept. 12, 2006 of injuries sustained when an improvised explosive device detonated near her Humvee during combat operations in Kifl, Iraq. She was the first female West Point graduate killed in Iraq.

2nd Lieutenant Perez was a remarkable officer with tremendous potential. She could always be counted on to bring a smile to your face. She accepted every challenge placed before her and She led her soldiers on the battlefield, ensuring their personal safety.” (Memorial at the Emily Perez Treatment Center or see Emily’s Way Scholarship)