April 9, 2014

A few tips on kips

1. Practice, practice, practice!  That’s what this challenge is all about!
2. Start with the swing.  You should be able to stop mid-swing with relatively little effort.  Hands and feet stay in place, and everything in between swings front / back.  It’s all in the core.  Body position at the front / back could be compared to parenthesis — )|( — back / mid-swing/ front.
3. Engage your lats.  You’ll be hard-pressed to get any part of your body closer to the bar without engaging your shoulders girdle.  There’s a huge difference between slack shoulders (completely disengaged lats) and contracted, tightened muscles.  Hang from the bar and try just this movement out for yourself one day!
4. Pop your hips.  Bringing your knees to your chest is one thing, but you’re completely missing the momentum transfer if you’re not then popping those knees down and fully extending the hips to catapult your upper body upwards.  Then it’s just a matter of a light pull to guide your head over the bar.
5. Don’t linger (with your chin over the bar).  If you do, you’ll start pendulum swinging, which is difficult to get out of.  Pop over and then immediately push away to reverse-swing out and back to the starting position.

You don’t get swings like this without the lats engaged! Push that bar down.


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